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Why Windsurfing?
People windsurf for a number of reasons - there are lots of different aspects to the sport and it can be whatever you make it. But above all Windsurfing is an addictive, high performance sailing sport. It takes place in all conditions anywhere there's wind and water. It's fun, challenging great for fitness and you'll meet heaps of like minded people.
I'm just starting. Should I take a lesson?
Yes! While it is POSSIBLE, to teach yourself or to learn from a friend, a lesson from an experienced instructor will be fun and will save you loads of time and frustration. In other words, your should try windsurfing lesson before jump into buy the equipment. Lessons are the fastest, easiest, and safest way to begin windsurfing as there are a lot of technical stuff that you need to know to understand how things work and to get the board going in the direction that you want it to. Lessons prices can be seen on top of the lessons section of this website.
Is it difficult to learn?
Windsurfing isn't easy but with a professional lesson on modern beginner equipment you'll be sailing back and forth within an hour. It's not like it used to be. Now boards are super wide, short and very stable. The rigs used at the school are lightweight and easy to pick up.
What about safety?
Windsurfing is a relatively safe sport but your safety is our priority. You will be required to wear life jacket or impact vest provided by us. In addition you will be learning in a lake with calm water, we also standby SUP (Stand Up Paddling) board on site for rescue and traning purposes. A fully equipped first aid kit is kept on training site at all times.
Do I need to be strong and fit?
Learning to windsurf will get you fit but with modern equipment and a small sail strength isn't an issue. We also teach children from 7 years old and above. You don't need to be strong, and you don't need to be super fit. Many small and light females have no problem windsurfing in very strong winds and you'll often find a 70 year old windsurfer sailing a full day no problem.
Do I have to be a good swimmer?
Not really - all we ask is that you must have confident in the water. Buoyancy aids will be provided.
Do I need to bring anything to the lesson / training site?
Yes! Apart from yourself you need to bring (2) two sets of clothing - one 'Wet' set for the lesson, another 'Dry' set for after lesson, your own suntan lotion, towel, water, food and swim wear. The weather in Malaysia is warm, a t-shirt, lycra, rash shirt along with shorts are just fine for the lessons.
How many windsurfing lessons do I need to take?
It depends on what level you would like to progress to and it also depends on your experience. If you have never windsurfed before and would just like to get on and sail back and forth, you could learn in 60 minutes. That's only a single hour lesson to get you going. If you would like to progress to planing for example, we recommend 3 - 5 months for private lessons.
What happens if there is bad weather?
Rain: Lesson go rain or shine. You are going to get wet anyway so why not enjoy your lesson. Rainy days also provide some of the best windsurfing experience.

Lightning: In the event of a locally severe lightning storm, lesson may stop and pull over on the bank or back to the center until rain stop. Else we will reschedule the lesson to a later date agreed by both parties.

In case the lesson have to be cancelled due to weather, guests are offer the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.
What does the package rate cover?
Windsurfing lesson package rate covered your windsurfing equipment complete set usage, life jacket and other safety gear. SUP board and first aid kit on standby and services of your windsurfing instructor and other crews.

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