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Water Rafting Rivers
 Selangor River (KKB) Rapid > 4
 Slim River (Ulu Slim, Perak) Rapid > 3
 Kampar River (Gopeng, Perak) Rapid > 2
 Singoh River (Gerik, Perak) Rapid > 6 (Pro)
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White water rafting
The trip was enjoyable. The organisation was quite good except the time was not strictly kept. Need to give adequate time allowance. There were good safety measures. by cheepiauw2015 - Apr 2021

Good and experience guides
The guide in the raft was very fun and cheerful which made the entire few hours on the raft fun and exciting. We will plan each year. by vijayak762019 - Oct 2019

Awesome experience!
Booked for white water rafting session over the weekend for 7 pax to Kuala Kubu Bharu. On the day, we were told that the venue has been changed to Slim River (which we have been told earlier on this possibility). Still fun and awesome! Our guides are professional, safety briefing was done accordingly before we start. by LizzaHademi - Apr 2019

Wonderful experience
Went for white water rafting at slim river, a great start for people who finds this activity dangerous. With rapids at level 3-4, it was an amazing time. Chief guide was very friendly and easy going. In overall, we had a memorable trip and will definitely be back for the KKB river soon. by Nicholas - May 2014
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Why Water Rafting With Us?
English/Malay Speaking Guide
English & Malay Speaking Trip Leader trained in Swiftwater Rescue Technician. EMT and CPR. Assisted by local guide who had been running rivers operation for the past 20 years.
Professional Swiftwater Equipment
Light weight, full cut Class 3 watersport Helmet. Designed to protect the back, front of head and the ear should you fall in rocky areas or "flying paddles".We are currently using PROTEC model from USA which is widely used by commercial operators.
US CoastGuard approved PFD
PFD (Personal Floatation Device). 25lb floatation device imported from USA. US CoastGuard approved with a head flap to assist on back flotation should you fall out and be unconscious. PFD are to keep you afloat after you exit the boiling point of a rapid and impact cushioning. Brand is EXTRASPORT and rated TypeIII/V
High Performance Raft Boat
Raft. 8 seater polyurethane, I-Beam stitch floor, selfbailing, 7 compartment raft. Compartments fitted with 4PSI valve. Brand SOTAR from USA and currently the most rigid raft available in the market. (used in Selangor/Slim/Grik Rivers only)
Rescue and FirstAid
Each raft carries a throwrope of 1/4" Spectra with a load of 2500lb strength with a max length of 70 feet. This for rescue purpose. Group FirstAid will be in the Trip leader raft with is always the last raft.

Safety Briefing
A very detail safety briefing will be done before going down the river. The briefing covers the river, commands used, paddling strokes, movement in the raft and the 4 steps of Rescue (assist rescue to self rescue ). Ends with a reminder - Get wet, Have Fun BUT BE SAFE. Participants are advised to have some sort of footwear for protection. Everybody need to fill up the Assumption of Indemnity Letter before rafting begin.
We provide the delicois foods to our customer served with table, chair and comfortabale shade area (we do not provide pack lunch). We also provide vegetarian food by advise notice. Our foods are all HALAL, consist of bread, noodle, rice, vegetable, eggs, meat, fruits, coffee, tea, milo and soft drink.
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FREE Photo/Video Shooting
We provide FREE video/photo shooting service during your rafting trip. However, our guides are not a professional photoprapher, their main duty still focus on safety and fun of your rafting trip. Please bring thumb drive, pen drive or SD card to copy your photos after the rafting trip of the day at the dining area.
This activity is open for fully vaccinated people to book and provide proof of Digital Vaccination Certificate
Water Rafting Malaysia What you should know, to plan your White Water Rafting in Malaysia Rivers

White Water Rafting is one of the most exciting outdoor activities for families, friends and company outing. It’s the kind of adventure that is great to share with friends and lends itself well to making a weekend excursion out of it. In the end, white water rafting always leaves it’s participants wanting for more and with stories enough to fill the often long ride home.

We offer a few rivers for the best white water rafting experience in Selangor and Perak area which just take 1 to 3 hours drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Depending on your experience level, these are the rivers best places to go for white water rafting are: Kampar river in Perak (for beginners), only two of hours from Kuala Lumpur and Pangkor Island; Ulu Slim river in Perak (great for first timers), about 70 to 90 minutes away by car from Kuala Lumpur; Selangor river in Kuala Kubu Bharu (medium difficulty), only about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, and Singoh river (highly difficult) in northern Perak.

White water rafting trips in Malaysia is a best choice for let you immerse with the most scenic rivers in the country and back to nature. Enjoy breathtaking views across the rivers when you take on rafting, it will be an experience you won’t forget for a lifetime.

Choosing your rafting location
Do you prefer your adventure close to where you stay? Or are you willing to drive 1 or 6 hours for a highest water rapid adventure experience? Check our whitewater rafting locations map to find a water rafting venue convenient to where you live.

Please 'CLICK' the river location name below you plan to go for your water rafting trip for more detail about the package
Water Rafting Map Malaysia
  Depending on the level of challenge and excitment you and your friends prefer, you might choose to bypass some of the easier options here. All of our trips are available to first time rafters who meet the minimum age requirements.
Singoh River Kampar River Slim River Selangor River Singoh River Kampar River Slim River Selangor River Singoh River Kampar River Slim River Selangor River
Choosing by activity
Whitewater rafting is the core activity in most of our programs, but we can also satisfy your craving for other activities like waterfall abseiling, rock climbing, high rope course, flying fox and camping. If you can spare more than a day, we encourage you to feast on the terrific variety of activities available at each of our rafting venue.

Choosing the right rafting trip

Most people often asked, "Which river trip is best for us?" We usually encourage families and first-timers to begin with a trip of modest intensity, and "work your way up" to the high-adventure excursions. Listed below is a sample progression of whitewater trips, ranging from easy rapids to eye-popping whitewater. We take white water rafting trips to a number of rivers in Malaysia. The river rides can be as shorts as 1 day or 3 days. Here are some of the rivers we go to.

Singoh River Kampar River Slim River Selangor River Singoh River Kampar River Slim River Selangor River Singoh River Kampar River Slim River Selangor River

Safety in water rafting trip
Our job is to ensure that while you enjoy water rafting in the river with us, you are safe. Our river guides are experienced and know the river well. Most of our guides are local and they are orang asli (native). We will always look for the most interesting channels through the various rapids, we are trained to keep well within safety limits and will never take unnecessary risks. To maximize your enjoyment of the river, we never rush through a run. We always include pitstops along the way to enjoy a waterfall, a particularly scenic spot or a well deserved rest to reflect on the last plunge before we go for the next. Our guides will point out interesting river features such as the flora and fauna and are always happy to share their knowledge of the river with you.

Choosing the right outfitter
When it comes to choosing your whitewater rafting outfitter, you can be assured of making the right choice by focusing on these five criteria: experience, safety, diversity of trips, dedication to guest service, and facilities. Following this formula makes selecting your whitewater outfitter easy. The diversity of rafting experience we offer includes everything from very tame trips up to the adrenaline-pumping to Class 6 rapids.

We hope you'll take the time to ask all the right questions, and really get to know us. The more you do, the more certain we are that we'll be sharing a fabulous experience with you and your friends on one of the Malaysia greatest white water rafting!

Experience Counts
From our guides to our reservations and ground support crews, we understand what you want and we know how to deliver it. Being excellent isn't everything, but it often distinguishes the leaders from the followers. A trip to white water rafting with OXBOLD guarantees you and your group all the benefits of our unparalleled history and more than 20 years' experience!

It may not be the first thing you think about when choosing your outfitter, but facilities can, and do make a big difference. The Main Reason why we make sure all our customer Safety is Priority when you booking trip with us. The following is what we take consideration to includes all this to your White Water Rafting trip to provide you Safe and Fun at the same time:

Most people have their own ideas or impressions about what a whitewater river rafting trip like. Here are some points and questions about rafting you may not have considered in preparation for your next (or first) whitewater river rafting trip.

Expect to Get Wet on a Whitewater Rafting Trip
I know that getting wet on a whitewater rafting trip sounds like it’s a no-brainer and should go without saying. Still, there are a few people out there who think they are merely taking a ride “on” the river rather than fighting for their lives in the river. This means that you should dress for the occasion and only bring things that can, in fact, get wet.

Getting wet while whitewater rafting is a welcome reprieve from the heat on a hot day. It also adds to the thrill and excitement of the whole experience. Furthermore, the raft guides will usually let you jump in and swim at some point during the trip so you’ll want to be ready for that. Of course, there is always the chance of getting thrown out of the raft as you barrel down the river and as such it is imperative a person know how to swim. So the bottom line is to count on getting wet. Remember, if you don’t get wet while whitewater rafting then you’re probably doing something wrong.

Expect Not to Be Able to Bring Anything on the Raft
Rafts generally have very limited space for anything other than people. Rafts will usually carry a first aid kit and if you’re going on a full day trip a lunch is provided at the end. Remember also that anything you bring on the raft will get wet and is easily damaged. All of this is to say, don’t count on bringing anything on the raft with you. Of course, there can be ways around this by carrying small items in your lifejacket, paddling jacket or windbreaker, and any tight fitting pack you can wear on your waist.

Expect to Receive Whitewater Rafting Training on the Trip
It is quite common to wonder if you will receive training on your rafting trip. The answer is yes you will. It is in the rafting outfitters best interest for you to enjoy your time with them. It is also in their best interest that everything from the unloading of the raft to paddling down the river is as safe as it can be. Both mean that you must be trained and it is up to them to do so.

The training will usually consist of a safety briefing at the beginning of the day. Then at the river they will go through how to carry the raft on land as well as the signals your raft guide will use while on the water. Once on the water you will practice basic strokes with the paddle as you follow the guides commands. Of course all of this varies from outfitter to outfitter but it will be covered in some fashion or other.

Rafting with Children
Rafting poses different kinds of risks and chanlleges, however this does not mean that youngsters cannot get to experience of rafting the rapids. White water rafting is family-friendly and offers exciting opportunities for family bonding and exploration of nature and the environment.There are several things to consider should you decide to go Rafting with your kids. Here is a list of the things to keep in mind when running the white water with children:

  • Now, there is no age limit to book the rafting trip, however your kids must be above 20kg weight to join the rafting trip. It is really up to the parents or guardians, you are the ones who know if your kids will freak out when they fall into the river or not.
  • Ensure safety. Make sure your kids wear helmet, approved life jacket, and appropriate Rafting Clothing and footwear.
  • Take short Rafting Trips on easy or Class I or II rapids especially for young first timers. Let them experience what the activity is all about and if they like it, you can go for longer trips on Class II rapids above.
  • Keep the kids busy and entertained by giving small tasks while on the Raft. This will make them feel that they play an important role in the entire Water Rafting Trip.
  • Come up with different games such as identifying the plants and/or animals that the kids will see while on the Rafting journey.
  • Bring a lot of different snacks and water.
Discover the joys, challenges, and rewards of rafting with children. Get your little ones involved in your whitewater trips and you will find out that this is a great avenue for buliding water confidence, learning new knowledge, skills and family bonding.

Above all else, expect to Have Fun on a whitewater river rafting trip!
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Singoh River Kampar River Slim River Selangor River
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