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What is the best trip for me?
It is depend on your objective and how adventure people you are. The most thrilling river in peninsular malaysia will be Singor River in Belum Rainforest at Grik, Perak. It required more experience rafters to participate. If this is your first rafting experience, then Kampar River in Gopeng will be the perfect choice. It is a great river for family outing. If you look for family outing rafting trip, It is an easy river to raft and less rapid. The most popular river will be Selangor River located just one and a half hour ride from Kuala Lumpur. With rapid grading from 1 to 4. It's perfect for adventure thrill seekers. If you are travel in East Malaysia. Padas River in Sabah will be the popular river to raft. It is depend on what you want and who you are. However if you are comfortable with water and water confidence person. You may join any river for raft.
How dangerous is water rafting for a beginner? ("Beginner" means "I've never done this and I'm scared")
Our rafting guides are very professional and will look after you. Make sure you have wear a good fitting helmet and buoyancy aid and you will be fine. Pay full attention when safety briefing is conducted and ask questions if you are not sure! If swimming in rapids lie on your back with your feet up and swim backwards to slow your way down the water. Put your feet up to stops your body hitting any rocks. Do not panic when you are in critical situation, look for river guides surrounding you who is try to rescue you. This can often be as exciting as the rafting itself. Have fun!
Is rafting safe?
OXBOLD river guides have been in business for 20 years and has maintained an excellent safety record. Our Team Members go through extensive training before graduated as a trained guide. All of our guides are trained in CPR and First Aid. OXBOLD takes pride in providing our guests with a quality trip that are both safe and enjoyable. However, due to the nature of whitewater rafting and other associated activities, OXBold and its affiliates assume no responsibility for personal safety or loss of personal property. All participants are required to complete a personal liability and photo release form before their trip.
If I only have 2 person, can I still book the package?
Yes! You may. Either you pay for 4 person rate for just 2 of you OR we may ask us to put you on waiting list. However, you may join the other group on weekend with normal rate (rate exclude transportation).
How to book the Water Rafting package?
You may book the water rafting by filling the Booking Form in our website. If you have any questions about the water rafting package before booking, please call our General Line for support at 019-6638336
How are rapids rated for difficulty?
International Scale of River Levels Difficulty

Grade 1 - Easy. Few or no obstructions; fast moving water with riffles; risk to swimmers is slight.

Grade 2 - Novice. Wide clear channels; occasional maneuvering; rocks and medium-sized waves are easily avoided by trained paddlers; risk to swimmers is low; assistance is helpful but rarely needed.

Grade 3 - Intermediate. Rapids with moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid and capable of swamping a canoe; complex maneuvers in fast current and narrow passages require good boat control; large waves, holes and strainers may be present but are easily avoided; powerful current; scouting advisable; swimmers are unlikely to be injured but assistance may be needed to avoid a long swim.

Grade 4 - Advanced. Intense, powerful rapids; turbulent water; may involve long, unavoidable waves, holes or constricted passages demanding fast maneuvers under pressure; may require "must" moves above dangerous hazards; risk of injury to swimmers in moderate to high; group assistance to swimmers requires practiced skills.

Grade 5 - Expert. Long, obstructed, turbulent rapids; drops may contain very large unavoidable waves, holes or steep congested chutes with complex demanding routes; several of these factors may be combined at the upper level of this class; rescue is extremely difficult; above average rescue skills are essential.

Grade 6 - Almost Impossible. Difficulties of Class V are carried to the limits of navigability; very dangerous; risks are high and rescue may be impossible; for teams of experts only under favorable conditions.

Do I need to be physically fit?
You need to paddle and balance the raft. It's a team work sport. You do not need to be an athelete, however a good physical condition and water confident is recommended. Lifejacket limitations are a maximum girth of 52". For any medical conditions that may be affected by strenuous activity please consult your doctor. IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE!
How old must I be?
Minimum age for our easiest trips is 12 years old for Kampar River in Perak. Other rivers the minimum ages is 16 and above. Please refer to individual trip descriptions for specific minimum age requirements.
Do I have to know how to swim?
Swimming ability is not required. Water confidence is essential. Nevertheless, if you are especially apprehensive in or around water, you may want to consider one of our land-based adventures. Rafting, by its nature, places you on, in or around water most of the day. On all of our trips a PFD is worn at all times. Safety equipment will not fit all shapes and sizes, so please consider this in planning your reservations. Also, please remember that whitewater rafting is an active sport that requires some exertion on your part. The larger the rapids, the better your physical conditioning should be.
What should I wear?
Two sets of clothing - One 'Wet' set for the river rafting and another 'Dry' set for return. Jeans are not recommended! A swim suit or shorts and T-shirt long or short sleeved; boardshort; long and short pant and anything comfortable are best. A baseball cap, visor, or sunglasses are helpful in bright, sunny weather. Old sneakers or wet suit booties offer the best foot protection. Flip flops, loose-fitting sandals, "crocs" and bare feet are not permitted.
What happens if there is bad weather?
Rain: Trips go rain or shine. You are going to get wet anyway so why not enjoy your river trip. Rainy days also provide some of the most beautiful scenery as fog and mist rise off the river.

Lightning: In the event of a locally severe lightning storm, trips may stop and pull over on the bank. Exposure while on the river is at a minimum because of the high ridgelines and trees that surround the river. Trip starts may be delayed if a storm is occuring at the rafting center.

High Water/ Dry: If the water levels on any of the rivers exceeds safe levels or dry, trips may be cancelled or relocated to another river. In the case of a trip cancellation, guests are offered the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.
What meals are provided and what is for lunch?
Light refreshment in the middle of rafting journey and buffet lunch is included in all our rafting trips: Lunch consists of a nasi lemak, fried chicken, bread, sandwich, cheese, meat, fruit, veggies, soft drink and a hot drink. (The exact menu varies slightly depending on the trip).
What factors determine the age/weight requirements?
The line has to be drawn somewhere. We have seen kids below the minimums that were perfectly capable and we have seen kids that meet all the minimum requirements, but still are not ready!

The determining factors usually revolve around the likelyhood of a flip or swim and at what age a child listen to and understand instructions. Can the child understand the dangers? Does the child have enough size or body fat to have control of their body in cool water? Can the child rescue themselves or will the parents be so concerned about a young child they put their own health at risk?

Minimum ages and/or weights are usually set by the Chief Guide who regulates each river. OXBOLD will not knowingly take an underage person on our trips, we do ask and we do require a signature from a parent signifying proper age. Should you push the limit with your child? No, it is not worth the risk!
What does the package rate cover?
Water Rafting package rate covered: White water raftting gears (paddle, 'PFD' Life Jacket & helmet), rescue & emergency training and equipment, regeneration food for half way break and end of the run buffet lunch, Rafting guides & service of raft captain and river guides.


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