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Water Rafting Slim River

Package Rate
From  RM 200.00 RM 250.00 per pax
 Day trip (9am - 3pm)
 Meet at Tanjung Malim Toll Exit
 Min 10 person upon booking
 Join group available on weekend
 Rafting and safety equipment provided
 On-River snacks
 Lunch provided after rafting
 FREE video and photoshoot services
 Safe and free car parking area
 Advance booking required

Terms and Conditions | Tripadvisor Review
Package Details
   Advanced booking required, 4-7 days
    before trip
   Open all year round includes public holiday
   One day package (9am - 3pm)
   5-6 person per raft boat
   Min 10 person upon booking, if less than 10
    person you may apply to join group on
   English/Malay Speaking River Guide
   Min age: No age limitation, min 20kg body
   Min weight: 20kg
   Max weight: 100kg
   Body to fit life jacket (max chest
    circumference 52in)
   Regeneration food for half time break on
   Lunch provided at the end of rafting
   FREE video and photoshoot services
   Excludes return transportation to rafting
   Excludes insurance.
     What Insurance Benefits?

    (optional however highly recommended)
   Rescue & Emergency First Aid Kit Equip.
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   Water Rafting Itinerary
   Water Rafting Pictures
Water Rafting Rivers
 Selangor River (KKB) Rapid > 4
 Slim River (Ulu Slim, Perak) Rapid > 3
 Kampar River (Gopeng, Perak) Rapid > 2
 Singoh River (Gerik, Perak) Rapid > 6 (Pro)
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Terms and Conditions
Rating Matrix
Physical Strengt 8
Mental 8
Toughness 5
Skills 8
Fun 10
Popularity 8
River Grading 2-3
This activity is close currently due to MCO 3.0. We will resume operation after MCO lifted.

Water Rafting MalaysiaWhite Water Rafting activities at Slim River in the region of Ulu Slim, Perak with a travelling time by road approximately 70 to 90 minutes drives from Kuala Lumpur. Distance for Slim River is approximately 6 kilometers with rapids from Grade 2 to Grade 3.

Slim River rapids are Cascading versions and usually ends in a shallow pool. The river is rocky with numerous narrow channels and tight turns thus we termed the run as 'Creeking Run'. With a Gradient of about 1:6, the water flow is about 5 ft/sec on an average water level and is considered cold to Malaysian standard. Water can be clear but turn slightly murky if it rains.

Riverine flora is superb with ferns, orchids, mosses, etc. .as we are in the Ulu Slim Forest Reserve. As we approaching Kampung Bersih for 'Take Out' or end of the rafting journey, participants will come across Orang Asli kids playing in the river. These orang asli are from the Temiar and the Semai tribe.


Water rafting in the Slim River mostly happens when Selangor River has no water overflow or no water release from the Selangor Dam. Slim river offers a different adventure compare to the Selangor river, you will start with a 4WD adventure journey into a deep jungle and passing thru the Orang Asli settlement. Slim River offers more rapids than Selangor River, in which you will have endless rapid and falls. Weekend and Public holidays will be crowded by thrill-seekers to enjoy the rafting adventure with friends and families. You may read Tripadvisor to see what people comment and review.

Group Size
Minimum:  10 person (day trip)
(For group size less than 10 people, you can book to join the weekend trip.)
Maximum: 60 person

No age limit, your minimum weight required is above 20kg only
Maximum 60 years old, fit and healthy

Min 20KG and Max 100KG
Lief Jacket only fit body chest max circumference 52 inches

We have taken quite a few families on the Selangor River rafting trip. It is a great experience for families as the rapids are fun and the risk factor is manageable. Children have to be good swimmers and weight 20kg above and must accompanied by their parents or a legal guardian. As for seniors, as long as you are in good health and love adventure!

A safety briefing will be conducted on land before the participants enter the water and then further instruction is conducted in the water before we set off for the adventure trip. All our guides carry throw bags(rescue rope) and wear PFDs (life jackets) which are designed for swift water rescue in order to carry two persons should the need arise. If a participant cannot complete the river rapid test then we would suggest him/her not to continue the journey, for his/her own safety reason. Payment will be refunded except for Insurance coverage and etc.

All participants are compulsory to sign our Indemnity Letter. We will send it to you. Please fill it up and pass it to your river guide on the day of your activity trip.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Two sets of clothing - One 'Wet' set for the river rafting - long or short sleeved T-shirt; tights; long pant; short pant and anything comfortable. Another 'Dry' set for return. Jeans are not recommended!
3. River sandals or sport shoes with lace. (flip flop and crocs shoe are not recommended!)
4. A pair of sock is recommended if using sport shoes
5. Straps for spectacles or swimming goggles for people who wear contact lenses
6. Towel or Sarong
7. Sunscreen Lotion and Basic Toiletries
Note: Avoid bring and wear any valuable items during a rafting trip!

Insurance Coverage
Insurance RM30 p/pax
(Optional, however highly recommended: Click Sport Insurance Coverage Benefits to read the policy)

Other Services

Return Transportation
(Price changes according to transport companies)
  - RM600 for a saloon car / max 4 person per car
  - RM800 for a saloon car / max 6 person per car
  - RM900 for a van / max 16 person per van
  - RM1,200 for a coach / max 40 person per coach

Slim River located at PerakTanjung Malim Toll Exit, Ulu Slim, Perak
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/9s6nBf
Waze Map: https://goo.gl/f5W8eQ

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