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1. What is Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)?
It is a very stable surfboard to stand on and use a long paddle in your hand to glide across the water and experience sea life and landscape that normally cannot be accessed.
2. How to Get Started Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)?
The fast-growing sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun, easy way to go play on the water. With a minimum of equipment, you can paddle anything from ocean surf to lakes and rivers - no waves required.

Paddleboarding offers an amazing full body workout, since you're standing at your full height, you'll enjoy excellent views of everything from sea creatures to what's on the horizon. It's almost like walking on water!
3. What should I wear or bring for paddleboarding lesson?
Wear clothing that lets you move and that can get wet. Shorts and a T-shirt or a swimsuit work well in warm climates. You may also want to bring something to drink and camera to take some pictures.
4. What is the different between Stand Up Paddle board and kayak?
Kayaking is great fun, but the beauty of SUP is that standing up allows you to enjoy much better views, both to the horizon and down into the water. It's a simpler sport to pursue than kayaking, with less equipment required. It also offers a fantastic core workout.
5. Do I have to know how to surf?
Not at all, but you must know how to swim and good in water confident. Because you will be paddle and surf in still water, lake or sea.
6. Can I surf with a paddleboard?
Yes, before you surf, please learn and know the basic theory of Stand Up Paddle. When you are good, remember to share the waves!
7. Is there a minimum or maximum age or size to paddle?
The minimum age is 10 years old. As long as you are in good health there is no reason why seniors cannot paddle! Also, our boards can handle up to 220 liter, so come out to paddle for a great workout!
8. I am just 1 person; can I join a group lesson?
Yes, we accept 1 person with 2 hours lesson to start the class. Or you can wait to join with other student.
9. What is your refund and rescheduling policy?
Weather Delays: All lessons will take place at their scheduled time as long as the weather permits. OXBOLD reserves the right to postpone lessons at their discretion due to weather or conditions they deem unsafe. If conditions or weather prevent the lesson from taking place, the lesson will be rescheduled for future convenient time or credit will be issued for future lesson.

Cancellations: All cancellations will incur a RM50 processing fee. Lessons may be cancelled up to 72 hours before the scheduled lesson to obtain a full refund. Lessons cancelled up to 48 hours before scheduled lesson time will be refunded half of the lesson price. Cancellation made 48 hours or less before scheduled lesson is not eligible for refunds.

Rescheduling: If there are open times, you may reschedule so up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson. If there are no open times, cancellation terms will apply. Lessons may be rescheduled one time only.

No Shows: There is no refund or re-scheduling for no-show lessons.

Circumstances: We are not responsible for expenses incurred due to transportation related delays, illness, or any other circumstances.
10. When can I make my booking for my Stand Up Paddle Lesson?
Purchases for lessons or gift vouchers can be made all year round. The activity will be available for all weekend only and meet the minimum student to run the lesson.
11. Do you have changing room facilities?
We operate Stand Up Paddle lesson in Maritime Centre Putrajaya. There is a changing room facilities available.
12. Can we bring spectators?
You certainly can, it is at lake. You can bring your friends and families to come over.
13. Can I take pictures?
Yes you can!
14. How long will I be on site?
For individual bookings please allow 1 hour. For group booking depending on how many students and boards we prepare on that day to determine the duration. We can cater 64 people per day.
15. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept CASH payment as well as cheque prior to your activity date. Credit and Debit cards are done in the PayPal via our website. All payment must done before the lesson date.
16. When do you operate Stand Up Paddle Lesson?
We operating anyday of the week with advance booking prior to your lesson and meet the minimum number of student to start the lesson.

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