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Rock Climbing Lesson in Malaysia
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    Available Weekdays, Weekends and Public Holiday

   Advanced booking required, minimum. 7 days and above
   Available anyday based on instructor available
   Minimum group: 1-3 or 4 people above
   Minimum age: 7 years old
   Maximum weight: 100KG p/person

Pre-book minimum 7 days advanced Minimum 1-3 person upon booking Minimum 4 person upon booking Minimum 7 years old above Max weight 100KG
   Minimun 4 person upon booking
   Duration: 4 hours
   Minimum 7 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Venue: Batu Caves, KL
   Excludes transport and insurance
per person
PayPal Payment
   Minimun 1-3 person upon booking
   Duration: 4 hours
   Minimum 7 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Venue: Batu Caves, KL
   Excludes transport and insurance
per person
PayPal Payment
   Minimun 4 person upon booking
   Duration: 6 hours
   Minimum 7 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Venue: Batu Caves, KL
   Excludes transport and insurance
per person
PayPal Payment
   Minimun 1-3 person upon booking
   Duration: 6 hours
   Minimum 7 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Venue: Batu Caves, KL
   Excludes transport and insurance
per person
PayPal Payment
   Booking 72 hours before the activity
   Meet at Batu Caves, KL
   Excludes transport and insurance
add RM50
per person
   Optional (excludes in the package)
   Sum assured of RM50,000
   Cover per person for full activity day
   Maximum age is 60 years old
   View Domestic Insurance Benefits
    (GST included)
per person

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Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 8
Mental 9
Toughness 5
Skills 6
Fun 8
Popularity 6
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Batu Caves
Learn to Rock Climbing
Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Rock Climbing Course Introduction

Rock Climbing Course offer a great combination of learning and enjoyment. The climbing lesson are raw, breathtaking, big and full of potential. Moving on the vertical world of rock is an art and a science - equal parts mental and physical determination. It's more balance than strength. It's more teamwork and focus than daring and bravado. Learn about climbing as a past time and a sport. It's a journey of mind and body. Most important, like all OXBOLD journeys, you'll realize just that, it's a journey and our task is to enjoy every step (and climb) along the way. Join us on the rock.

Malaysia has it all: an array of limestone outcrops on Peninsular Malaysia, granite boulders and monoliths at the east coast, limestone crags and sandstone mountains in Sarawak and alpine granite and big walls in Sabah. However, this vast potential is still awaiting exploration and development by a small, but growing community.

The hub of Malaysian climbing is still KL with the two main regions Batu Caves and Bukit Takun. All the crags listed in the KL region are located at Batu Caves, the last limestone outcrop on Peninsular Malaysia. Further south there is nothing but granite, most of it hidden by dense jungle. The huge potential lies north of KL, in the states Perak (around Ipoh), Perlis, Kelantan and Pahang where hundreds of limestone crags wait for being explored. The big unknown is East Malaysia that can offer another enormous untapped potential of climbing crags. Most of the routes in Malaysia are bolted sportclimbs on limestone crags, with some trad exceptions on granite walls.

Malaysia is using the French grading system. The weather in Malaysia is tropical, meaning same temeperature all year long. Rain season should kick in during april and may, followed by a little bit dryer time from june till august. The rain strikes again in september and october, while november till february is considered dry season. However, being in the inner tropics the rain and dry seasons are less dramatic compared to Thailand or Bangladesh. Usually rain sets in around 3.00 pm, independent on the actual season. Climbing is possible throughout the year: the rock, especially limestone dries quickly even after tormental storms.

Watch out for the exceptional heat and humidity, especially when you are used to climbing at moderate temperatures. Standard equipment for a Malaysian crag is sun cream, mosquito repellent and plenty of water.

OXBOLD offer you fun and easy learning rock climbing course for all climbers around the world. We pride ourselves on safety, our instructions are specialised and focused on a NEED TO KNOW basis, ensuring that when the day is over you will have acquired all the information you need to climb safely. You can be assured that the information you'll receive is up-to-date. Our instructors are certified and participate both professionally and personally in the international climbing scene.

Plan your custom rock climbing course with groups of two to six or more. Our instructors and guides are available for your personal instruction. Learn and climb at your own pace or enjoy a weekend of rock climbing with your friends. Give us a call today!

    Climbing Rules:
All climbers and belayers must read and complete the climber agreement (the "waiver"). Minors, those under the age of 18, must have this completed by their parents.
All climbers and belayers must demonstrate proper belay technique to our instructors / staff prior to using the facility.
The minimum age for belaying is 14 years old.
Belay with UIAA and CE approved belay devices only.
Climbers must use UIAA and CE approved climbing harnesses.
Climbers must tie a Figure-8 Follow Through Knot directly into the harness.
All climbers must wear appropriate footwear. No barefoot climbing.
Use only holds and wall for climbing. Do not touch exposed metal, i.e. toprope tubes, structural steel, lead anchors, etc.
Always practice common sense and have fun. Now Go Climbing!

           Package Description

1. Theory of rock climbing follow by introduction the use of equipment
Climbing techniques skills and safety on single pitch sport climbing route
All basic climbing equipment provided

Excludes1. Two ways transportation to and from Batu Caves
2. Personal Accident Insurance Coverage
3. Meals
4. Climbing Shoe (Rental basic, please advise on shoe size for rental)
Group SizeMinimum:    4 people
Maximum: 20 people

Booking Requirement:
No experience needed. (7 years old and above)
Student (age 7 to 12 years old)

Session and Duration:
Half day Lesson Session 1 (8am - 12pm) OR Session 2 (10am - 2pm)
Full day Lesson Session 1 (8am - 3pm) OR Session 2 (10am - 5pm)

Principle of Climbing Safe
Equipment management
Rope management
Climbing communication
Climbing techniques
Belaying test
Mental & Physical training

Location and Meeting Time:
BHP Petrol Station, Taman Bolton, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur
Google Map: https://goo.gl/mtF1W4
Waze Map: https://goo.gl/pG6Td5

Session 1 meet at 7:50am or
Session 2 meet at 9:50am


Safety briefing will be conducted all on land before climbing.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Casual & Smart: Trousers, short or long jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses
    (sleeveless, singlet, mini skirt, hot pants and heels are strictly not allowed)
3. Mineral Water
4. Insect Repeller (Optional)

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