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   Approx 10 minutes air time
   Minimum 2 person upon booking
   Minimum 10 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Excludes transportation & insurance
   Weekend Only
per person
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   Booking 72 hours before the activity
   Approx 10 minutes air time
   Minimum 2 person upon booking
   Minimum 10 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Excludes transportation & insurance
   Weekend Only
add RM50
per person
PayPal Payment
   Optional (excludes in the package)
   Sum assured of RM50,000
   Cover per person for full activity day
   Maximum age is 60 years old
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per person
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    Available on weekends only!
Weekend Only
   Advanced booking required, minimum 7 days advanced
   Based on weather permitted and pilot available
   Minimum group: 2 people
   Minimum age: 10 years old
   Maximum weight: 100KG p/pax

Pre-book minimum 7 days advanced 1 days lesson Minimum 2 pax upon booking Minimum 10 years old above Maximum weight 100KG
Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 5
Mental 10
Toughness 6
Skills 10
Fun 8
Popularity 6

No booking during MCO
MalaccaTandem Paramotor Trike

Klebang, Malacca

Thank you for expressing interest in the Paramotor / Motorised Paraglider sport. It is the latest concept in recreational sports and hottest sport of today for people with a passion for aviation

The Paramotor may be worn like a backpack and is the smallest of all powered aircraft. It is either foot launched or can use wheels to take off. Learning to fly the Paramotor takes only a few days and does not require any previous flying experience. Motorized paragliders are portable and easily transported to any location providing an infinite variety of flying locations. They can be taken on vacation and/or transported in the back of a car in a carry case.

Flying a motorized paraglider is easy, rewarding and, with the proper training and equipment, very safe. We have long had the aspiration to float through the sky free as a bird; this is exactly what can be done with a paramotor. This is your chance to expand your horizons where you will learn new ideas and experience new sensations. Your life and viewpoint of the world we live in will be altered forever, after you have explored flight.

The skies are truly the last free open area to enjoy, and this is what the paramotor is all about. It's a most remarkable feeling to realize you are actually flying. Whether flying low over the beach or open fields, or high over the land riding thermals, you can experience the freedom, the independence and achieve man's oldest dream - flight! Motorized paragliding is undoubtedly the least expensive form of powered flight - a day in the sky will only cost a few dollars in fuel bills.

The paramotor Trike is a revolution in paramotoring ease-of use and training. It takes away the need to carry the motor on your back and run to take-off and land. Take-off and landings are a done with arm-chair comfort and ease; just power up a little to inflate the wing, stabilize the canopy and then full power to take off. The trike folds into a zip-up bag with wheels for easy storage and transportation. Being a passenger on a trike with an experienced pilot is the fastest way to experience paragliding without first learning how to fly. Training is also greatly enhanced through use of the trike for in-flight training.

Our goal is to promote this sport to a worldwide audience and to offer the world's best flying equipment in terms of safety, ease of operation, versatility, durability and cost.
   Rules of the air:
Remember that gravity is not just a good idea, it's the LAW. AND, it's not subject to repeal!
Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory!
It's always better to be down here wishing you were up there than to be up there wishing you were down here!
You start with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck!
Good judgement comes from experience. Unfortunately, the experience usually comes from bad judgement!
Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself!
The air does not know you are an expert. Turbulence is Nature's way of reminding us we are not birds!
You're not a real pilot until you have to hitchhike back to the Landing Zone!
The site working really great today is always at least 100 kilometers away. You should have been here yesterday!
Work is permanent, good flying weather is transitory. Work is for people who don't fly paragliders!
           Package Description

1. Complete Paramotor Gears
2. Safety briefing for Paramotor Knowledge
3. Variometer, GPS, radio on site
4. Introduction to engine and equipment

1. Two (2) ways transportation to meeting point
2. Personal Insurance Coverage

3. Meals

Group Size:
Minimum:  2 Participants
Maximum: 10 Participants

Fly Zone:

Participants Guidelines
Minimum age: 10 years old (with parents / guardian)

Paramotor Pilot Lesson
Minimum age: 15 years old (with parents / guardian)

Safety briefing will be conducted on land before the participants start to paramotor activities. If the weather is not good for paramotor, our instructor will not fly. Reschedule to a later date will be advised by Paramotor Instructor. This is our practise to safe guard the customer to ensure you get the fun part.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Long or short sleeved T-shirt; long pant and anything comfortable.
3. High cut boot or Sport shoes.
4. Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses
5. Sun Screen Lotion and Basic Toiletries
6. Sun glass or cap
           Gift Voucher
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