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Advanced Motocross Coaching Malaysia
(( All rates are per person ))
125cc to 250cc bikes
RM  450.00 >
  per person 2 hrs one session
  1 to 3 students per session
125cc to 250cc bikes
RM  800.00 >
  (save RM100) 4 hrs two session
  1 to 3 students per session
125cc to 250cc bikes
RM  1,500.00 >
  (save RM300) 8 hrs four session
  1 to 3 students per session
125cc to 250cc bikes
RM  2,900.00 >
  (save RM700) 16 hrs eight session
  1 to 3 students per session
 Suitable for newbies and beginner
 No prior experience is required
 Min requirement, you must able to ride a

 Max 2 hours lesson per day, additional
     hours will be conducted in a seperate day
 Age 12 years old and above
 Suitable for adults and height over 5'10"
 Able to ride a bicycle
 Two (2) hours coaching per session
 Up to 3 people sharing per session
 Meet at the race track
 Ride on 125cc to 250cc dirt bikes
 Included gears (i.e. helmet, chest guard,
     knee guard, gloves, and elbow guards).
 Boots rental is highly recommended for
, especially beginner.
 FREE video and photoshoot services
 FREE Car Park
 Various lounges areas available on site
 Advance booking required

Terms and Conditions | Tripadvisor Review
Insurance Protection
RM  30.00 per
  age below < 70 years old
RM  90.00 per
  age above > 70 years old
Click to know your Insurance Benefits?Optional and  highly recommended 
AIG Travel Guard
Who is eligible to apply?
   Malaysian Citizen
   Permanent Residents
   Employment Pass / Work Permit Holders
    and Dependent(s) of Pass Holders
Motocross Packages
 Standard Motocross Coaching
 Advanced Motocross Coaching
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Let's Break The Rules
Water sport can be relaxing too. Yoga outside of the studio!! Picnic on the sea and also hava a fabulous SUP birthday celebration! We are eager to have it all happening again. Thanks Oxbold and also the instructor, Wilson for giving us these memorable experiences. by Evonne39 - Sep 2021

Hospitality and great gear
Had the pleasure of renting an SUP board from Oxbold in Pahang for the whole day. Board, paddle and life jacket are in great condition, well-maintained. Oxbold's rep, Steven is warm and very helpful- giving me tips on where to head out on my solo paddle. Very quiet beach,
which means you have the whole ocean all to yourself! by Safari53727859159 - Dec 2018

Michael is a star
It was our first SUP lesson. Michael was patient, informative and friendly.Highly recommended. He made us feel so welcome. by Lee F - Nov 2018

Stand Up Paddling at Putrajaya
A group of us went for SUP in Putrajaya, which is run by Oxbold's partner company Flyboard Malaysia. Overall a very pleasant experience as the instructor was friendly and he provided clear instructions. by Roam51273808111 - Jun 2019

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Package Details
   Advance bookings are required, 4–7 days
    before the lesson
   Open all year round from Wednesday to
     Sunday only
   Closed on Monday and Tuesday
   2 hours coaching per session
   Up to 3 students to share one instructor
   Age 12 years above and can ride a bicycle
   No weight limit
   Height above 5 ft 10 in or 177cm
   Coaching available from 10am - 6pm
   Excludes return transport to lesson area
   Excludes insurance
Frequently Asked Questions  
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If you have any queries or concerns, please click the WhatsApp button and get in touch with us between 8am to 6pm for assistance. WhatsApp QR Code
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Motocross Coaching Malaysia
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Please reserve your activity early, we only accept payment with a confirmed booking.
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Terms and Conditions
Rating Scale
Physical Strength 10
Mental 10
Toughness 8
Skills 10
Fun 10
Popularity 8
125cc to 250cc bikes | suitable for adult height over 5'10 or 170cm


"To find your true place in the world, you must embark on experiences"

We aim to offer top-notch instruction to motocross fans of all skill levels. No matter if you are an experienced rider looking to turn your passion for motocross into a profession or a sport, or if you simply want to become a motocross master.

Our customized packages are designed to meet your specific needs. Our team is led by a highly skilled motocross coach, who has achieved numerous national championship titles in motorcycle racing. We are passionate about promoting responsible riding to the public and ensuring that our riders excel in their performance.

Motocross, also known as off-road motorcycling, is a motorcycle sport that involves the usage of dirt bikes. An electrifying sport that challenges riders on various terrains such as dirt, grass, and mud. Its unique obstacles and uneven surfaces set it apart from other motorcycle sports.

At Oxbold, we firmly believe that motocross is not just a sport, but a gateway to unlocking one's potential for greatness. Who knows, your child might be the next world champion!

However, motocross is not solely about the thrill and excitement. It also instills essential life values in children, encourages social interaction, boosts self-esteem, and promotes physical activity.

Our meticulously designed track, divided into three sections based on difficulty, provides the perfect environment for riders to learn, grow, and thrive.

Whether you are eager to embark on your motocross journey or seeking to elevate your skills to new heights, Oxbold's Motocross Coaching Malaysia is the ultimate destination.

Join us now and experience the exhilarating rush of motocross while honing your riding abilities.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a motocross legend!

Please indicate whether you know:
1. How to ride a bicycle / automatic / clutch bike,
2. If you have any on-road / off-road experience / number of years riding / biking on your own
3. Do you have a Full B/B2 driver's license or are in the process of getting your road bike license.

This information will help us identify which bike is best for you.
The basic requirement is that you know how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.

How to Motocross?

You start from a beginner’s course at track A to practice basic riding skills such as break usage, clutch, and riding on rough terrain. It would be great for you to learn to ride in different weather conditions as well. Try to find a local motocross group because riding with friends can be even more fun. At first, focus on improving your riding techniques first rather than just speeding.

Motocross is widely considered to be the world’s most popular form of motorcycle racing. Motocross is derived from a French term combining motorcycling and cross-country. Motocross tracks are usually made up of hills, dirt roads, and muddy tracks and turns.

You should combine your physical fitness with the right motocross bike. The best bike for you depends on height and experience. While you may want the fastest bike, it can be overwhelming as a beginner. Before you get a faster bike, you need to have enough experience to control the vehicle. If you lose control, you may be able to go fast, but you won’t be safe.

If you are an inexperienced rider or one who has no experience
whatsoever! We provides various coaching packages for keen adventurers, regardless of age and gender. We have coached students from all walks of life, from kids to a senior!

We have approximately 10 off-road bikes at our facility of various
sizes for coaching and rental from 125cc dirt bikes for teenagers and adults. As a student, you only need to show up with T-shirt and jeans, safety equipment such as helmets and protectors will be all provided.


As the only motocross biking facility strategically located next to the suburbs of Damansara Perdana and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, our facility is catered towards urbanites who do not wish to travel far to experience the feeling of riding on two wheels in a safe and controlled environment.

Our track is designed and divided into 3 sections on the hillside terrain, based on the difficulty of each section.

Track A
: Oval track with berms on opposite ends. Suitable for beginner riders.

Track B: Circuit with small jumps, easy corners with not many elevation changes. Suitable for intermediate riders.

Track C
: Circuit with a very steep climb up the hill at the beginning followed by sharp turns returning downhill. Only for advanced riders.

Check out the race track route here race track


If you have no experience riding at all, or if you have very little experience, no worry! Regardless of age or gender, we offer a variety of coaching programs for thrill-seeker students like you. We have coached students of various ages, from kids to seniors!

Our facility has about 10 different sizes of off-road motorcycles for coaching and can be rented, ranging from 60cc mini dirt bikes for children under 12 years old, 125cc to 250cc bikes for adults and teens, or 350cc and higher for professional riders. You simply bring a T-shirt, football sock and jeans to the lesson; all other safety gear, including helmets and protectors, will be provided. Motocross boots can be rent with us, boots rental is highly recommended, in case of falls, without boots there will be high risk of ankle/leg fracture.

Advanced Package
Students signing up for this package will be put on bikes with
engine capacities ranging from 125cc to a maximum of 250cc. This package is meant for the seasoned rider or if you're over 5"10 / 170cm in height. Students will be put on 125cc bikes which are a lot
more powerful than the bikes used in the Standard Package.

Things you need to know
Your Motocross Instructor is over 50 years of riding experience and won multiple national championship titles in motorcycle racing and operate for more than 8 years in motocross coaching.

Bikes rental
we have 10 bikes in a diverse range, suitable for kids and adults from 60cc to 100cc and 125cc and above.

Student sizes
1 to a maximum of 3 students share instructor per session. If more students, we will add an instructor or push it to the next session.

1 or 2 to 3 students sharing 1 instructor.

is a priority, your lesson is included all safety gear, our objective is to promote responsible riding for the public to curtail illegal street racing, especially amongst the youth.

Mechanic Support
we have our own workshop for bike repair on site.

1. Brief theory of dirt bike and track
2. Dirt bike setup, auto or manual bike depends on your skills
3. Experience motocross instructor
4. Safety motocross gears (i.e. helmet, chest guard, knee guard, gloves, elbow guards, and boot)
5. Full tank of petrol
6. Mechanic support on site

Group Size  
Minimum 1 student per session
Maximum 3 students sharing per session

Operating Day 
Open from Wednesday to Sunday
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Coaching Session
10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm

Night Ride
6pm to 8pm
(Additional RM80 per pax, minimum 2 pax)

12 years old and above (must know how to ride a bicycle)


No weight limit

Minimum: 5 ft 10 in / 177cm

Meeting Venue
Marina PutrajayaKampung Sungai Pencala
If you know where One Utama Shopping Mall and IKEA Damansara are located. It's only a short distance away. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive links to Google
map and Waze maps.

What to wear?
1. You only need to show up with T-shirt, Football Sock and Jeans
- Ankle or high-cut shoes (ie. hardy type hiking/basketball shoes. No sneakers or low-cut sports shoes).
[Not required if u are renting proper motocross boots for the lesson with us for RM50 per session, boots rental is highly recommended, in case of falls, without boots there will be high risk of ankle/leg fracture)
2. Long sleeve cotton top
(T-shirt material is best, WE DO NOT PROVIDE CLOTHING)
3. Jeans or track pants of a thicker material
4. Football socks (for wearing a boots)
5. Safety equipment such as helmets and protectors will be all provided.

Facilities on Site
Car park available (Free)
Drink available to purchase
Shower and changing room
Various lounges areas
Monthly bike storage

What type of dirt bikes will you be riding
You will drive fully equipped Yamaha and Kawasaki dirt bikes, from 60cc to 100cc, 125cc to 250cc, and up to 350cc including both 2 strokes and 4 strokes.

Quality instruction
Our instructors offer a quality, enjoyable and fun experience. Our business philosophy, strict safety code of conduct is enforced at all times.

Most training can be processed under slight drizzle rain, and will not commence under heavy rain or thunderstorm. For safety reasons, we may need to re-schedule your experience to a later date due to bad weather conditions.

A safety briefing will be conducted on the activities site. All instructions from the instructor must be followed by students while in the car track.

Insurance Coverage
It is essential that you get insurance coverage for your extreme sports activities. You must have your own insurance protection and coverage when you sign up for this activity. We want you to have peace of mind and completely enjoy the activities in which you participate.

What to Wear & Bring  
- You only need to show up with T-shirt and jeans, safety quipment
   such as helmets and protectors will be given.
- Mineral Water
- Hat OR Cap
- Sunblock & Sunglasses
- Camera OR Video Camera

Motocross Coaching is popular for ideal GIFT Experience. Many of our customer buy this as Gift Vouchers for Families, Couple, Birthday and etc.

Please click HERE for more information!
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