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Kiteboarding Beginners Lesson
Package Rate
From RM 150.00 per
  RM 200.00
 One hour Lesson
 Meet at Balok Beach, Kuantan
 Min 1 person upon booking
 All equipment provided
 Advance booking required
From RM 200.00 per
  RM 300.00
 One hour Lesson
 Meet at Balok Beach, Kuantan
 2 person sharing upon booking
 All equipment provided
 Advance booking required

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Insurance Protection
  RM 30.00 per
  age below < 70 years old
  RM 90.00 per
  age above > 70 years old
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    (optional however highly recommended)
Package Details
   Advanced booking required, 4-7 days
    before lesson
   Open all year round includes public holiday
   1 hour lesson (extend hours available)
   Min 1 or 2 person sharing lesson
   Kiteboarding equipment provided
   Min age: 10 years old
   Min Height: 4 ft+
   Weight min : 50kg & max : 95kg
   Lesson time: Between 11am-5pm
   Excludes return transport to lesson area
   Excludes insurance
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    (optional however highly recommended)
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Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 8
Mental 10
Toughness 6
Skills 10
Fun 10
Popularity 10
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Learning to kitesurf, you don't need any former knowledge. Our highly qualified instructors will teach you everything with a smile. Just as well, they will give you advice on the choice of the right gear, which we will lend you during the course.

Duration of course negotiable , we recommend individual lessons for faster progress.

When is the best time to learn kiteboarding in Malaysia?
Kiteboarding or also known as kitesurfing, this sport gained popularity day by day at Balok Beach, Kuantan.

For Beginner:
The off monsoon season from
April to Oct (estimated 3 to 12 knots of wind). This season is mostly calm sea bed and a sunny day, sometimes slight sea swell. Perfect for beginners to learn kiteboarding.

For Intermediate and Advance levels:
However, you may also choose to learn kiteboarding during the monsoon season from
Nov to Mar (an estimated 15 to 30 knots of wind come with strong waves and rain in early monsoon) to learn kiteboarding, instructor will provide a smaller kite for your training based on your weight and skills. The best month with good wind and sunny day will be Jan to early March.

Is Kitesurfing easy to learn?
Compared to windsurfing, wakeboarding, and surfing, kiteboarding is a relatively easy sport to learn. Most students are able to get up on their board after three to fifth lessons from our kiteboarding lesson in good wind and weather conditions.

If you have prior experience in surfing, kite-flying, windsurfing, or wakeboarding, the learning curve will be shorter, but anyone can learn provided they have the patience and willingness to learn. Being comfortable in the water will certainly help. With good instruction, the learning curve is accelerated. Without good instruction or no instruction at all, kitesurfing can be quite dangerous and time-consuming. It is recommended that all beginners receive some sort of training or take up a proper lesson.

What wil I learn as a Beginner?
You learn to fly a trainer kite for launching, landing, and kite control, and this will have a massive impact on your general kite awareness. These usually foil kites which are different from the inflatable tube kites we use when kiteboarding. These kites are easier to fly, they depower completely making them easy to recover when you make mistakes and are relatively cheap. Instructors will use trainer kite during your first kite lessons to practice kite control.

Balok Beach is located about 15 kilometers (15-20 minutes drive) north of the Pahang state capital of Kuantan; on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. The beach is a quiet, clean, warm, shallow water and sandy bottom, it's a popular venue for kitesurfing and windsurfing sports; where professional and amateur surfers from all over the world gather during the Monsoon season for competitions. Our center just located inside the compound of De Rhu Beach Resort by entering thru Gate C which next to the Mint Restaurant Kuantan.

Balok is famous for seafood, Thai food, and the keropok lekor (deep-fried fish sausage) snack. A few beach resort is available along the beach for a quick weekend getaway — like the 
Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, the Adena Beach Resort, and the De Rhu Beach Resort. The Natural Batik Village is located in front of our center at Balok; it’s a good place to visit to learn about this Malaysian art technique. You can even try your hand on batik painting!


Entry Level (Beginner Kiteboarding lesson)
- No experience needed. (12 years old and above)
- A moderate level of physical fitness is required
- Good swimming skills is an advantage, you will sail out to the ocean


- 1 hour lesson
- Teaching time (1 on 1 instruction): min. 1 hrs
- Teaching time (2 students per instructor): min. 2 hrs
(you can sign up 2 or 3 hours per day depending on your schedule of the day)

You will learn

(Note: the skills below depend on how many hours you have or attend the lesson, it's not all can be learned in one hour!)
- Flying the trainer kite on land: launching, landing and kite control
- Understanding the wind and weather
- Site assessment and safety
- Equipment safety systems
- Launching and Landing

Group Size  
Minimum:  1 student (1 on 1 instruction)
Maximum:  2 students (2 students per instructor)

10 years and above


Minimum 50kg
Maximum 95kg

Minimum 4 ft+ / 120cm+

Most training can be processed under slight drizzle rain, and will not commence under heavy rain or thunderstorm. For safety reasons, we will need to re-schedule your lesson to a later date due to bad weather conditions.

A safety briefing will be conducted on the activities site. All instructions from the instructor must be followed by students at the beach and open sea.

What to Wear & Bring  
- Comfortable water wear
- Mineral Water
- Hat OR Cap
- Sunblock & Sunglasses

Balok Beach, Kuantan Balok Beach, Kuantan, Pahang
Oxbold Watersports Center
(Gate C of De Rhu Beach Resort )
Google Map: http://bit.ly/oxboldcenter
Waze Map: https://goo.gl/sPJHxi

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