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Available all day and Public Holidays via advance booking
Monsoon Season: November to March (15-30 knots)
Off Season: April to October (0-15 knots)

   Advanced booking required: minimum 4-7 days
   Minimum: 1 or 2 people share prior booking
   Start from 1 hour lesson
   Minimum age: 12 years old
   Maximum weight: 95kg

Pre-book minimum 7 days advanced 1 day discovery lesson Minimum 1 person upon booking Minimum 12 years old above Maximum weight 100kg
(for Beginner / Intermediate level and Refresher to book)
  1 hour kiteboarding lesson
   Available all year round (weather
   All equipment provided
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   1 person upon booking
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
1 hr / 1 pax
PayPal Payment

   1 hour kiteboarding lesson
   Available all year round (weather
   All equipment provided
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   2 person sharing
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
1 hr p/days
2 pax sharing
PayPal Payment
(for Beginner / Intermediate level and Refresher to book)
  2 days kiteboarding lesson
  2 hours lesson per day
   Available all year round (weather
   All equipment provided
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   1 person upon booking
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
2 hrs p/day x 2 days
for 1 person
PayPal Payment

   3 days kiteboarding lesson
   2 hours lesson per day
   Available all year round (weather
   All equipment provided
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   1 person upon booking
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
2 hrs p/day x 3 days
for 1 person
PayPal Payment
   4 days kiteboarding lesson
   2 hours lesson per day
   Available all year round (weather
   All equipment provided
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   1 person upon booking
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
2 hrs p/day x 4 days
for 1 person
PayPal Payment
   5 days kiteboarding lesson
   2 hours lesson per day
   Available all year round (weather
   All equipment provided
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   1 person upon booking
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
2 hrs p/day x 5 days
for 1 person
PayPal Payment

(for Intermediate & advance level to book)
   Max 3 hours guidance / coaching
   Available all year round (weather
   Use own equipment
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   1 person upon booking
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
1 person,
max 3 hours
PayPal Payment
   Based on hourly, daily and weekly
   Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
   Rental at Balok Beach, Kuantan
   Email or call us in advance for rental
Click here for Equipment
Rental Rate
   Booking 72 hours before the activity
   Meet at Oxbold Center, Kuantan
   Min 1 person upon booking
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes insurance (optional)
per person
PayPal Payment
   Optional (excludes in the package)
   Sum assured of RM50,000
   Cover per person for full activity day
   Maximum age is 60 years old
   View Domestic Insurance Benefits
per person
per day
PayPal Payment
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Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 6
Mental 8
Toughness 5
Skills 10
Fun 10
Popularity 10
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Kuantan, Balok BeachLearn to Kitesurfing in Malaysia
Balok Beach, Kuantan, Pahang

Welcome to learn Kiteboarding or also known as kitesurfing, this sport gained popularity day by day at our Oxbold Watersport Center in Balok Beach, Kuantan. We are located inside the compound of De Rhu Beach Resort by entering thru Gate C which next to the Mint Restaurant Kuantan.

Kitesufing is a complex, but rewarding sport, it involves a combination of several sport skills, including surfing, wakeboarding and kiteflying. Different size kites allows you to kiteboard in various wind strengths. The bigger the kite, the lighter the wind you can go in and vice versa. With bigger kites you can get going in as little as 10 knots, and with smaller kites you can still sail along in strong winds of 35 knots or more.

When is the best time to learn kiteboarding in Malaysia?
For Beginner: Off monsoon season from April to Nov (estimated 3 to 12 knots of wind). However, you may also choose monsoon season to learn kite lesson, instructor willl provide a smaller kite for your training based on your weight and skills.

For Intermediate and Advance levels: Monsoon season from Nov to Mar (estimated 15 to 30 knots of wind).

Is Kitesurfing easy to learn?
Compared to windsurfing, wakeboarding and surfing, kiteboarding is a relatively easy sport to learn. Most students are able to get up on their board after three to fifth lessons from our kiteboarding lesson.

If you have prior experience in surfing, kite-flying, windsurfing or wakeboarding, the learning curve will be shorter, but anyone can learn provided they have the patience and willingness to learn. Being comfortable in the water will certainly help. With good instruction, the learning curve is accelerated. Without good instruction, or no instruction at all, kitesurfing can be quite dangerous and time-consuming. It is recommended that all beginners receive some sort of training or take up a proper lesson.

Should I take lessons?
Kiteboarding is a safe sport only if you familiarize yourself with the safety aspects of the sport. Lessons are extremely important, it is important to note that kiteboarders can pose a danger to the public. Tensioned lines are razor sharp and can cause cuts to innocent bystanders. Lessons will jumpstart your learning process, and get you on the water quickly and safely.

If you more questions, please click the link to check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

OXBOLD also the distributor and importer for Kitesurfing sports equipment. We carry brands like Airush and insturctor carry OzoneKites. If you wish to own your kite and board after you hook up the sport. You may consider to place your order with us.

Please feel free to check out your Kitesurfing Instructor profile by click HERE

Kiteboarding Golden Rules:
  • Always check the weather report before you go kiteboarding.
  • Let people know where you are and how long you intend to be away.
  • Check local regulations in regards to kites and sailing.
  • Choose plenty of space - no people, trees, power lines, rocks, swimming areas, buildings, freeway's, airports or anything! And leave plenty of space for take off and choose a down wind stop point just in case.
  • Ideal wind directions are cross-shore winds and wind strength's about 8 to 15 knots.
  • Avoid gusty / unstable, cross off and off shore winds. Match your kite size to the wind strength.
  • Check your gear before and after every session, replace any worn or damaged parts before going out.
  • Always use your kite's safety systems - on a Wipika marine wing, the bar leash and quick release - to de-power the kite but retain equipment.
  • When using a board, attach a surfleash as you enter the water and wear a helmet.
  • Kites are not intended to endure repeated crashes on land, and neither are human bodies.

           Package Description

We teach a maximum of 2 students with 1 kiteboarding instructor ratio. We recommend the 1 hour kitesurfing lesson if you have never flown a kite or done kiteboarding before. We provide student all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience needed to kiteboard in a responsible and competent manner. The goal with the lesson is to bring you up level by level where you can go out and continue practicing safely by yourself. We will walk you through all the steps needed to kiteboard in a safe way. We also offer a 10 hours lesson for people who are very committed, a kiteboarding guidance/coaching for intermediate student after your lesson, this can help in fast tracking you through a course.

Kiteboarding Lesson (One Hour)

If you don't have 10 hours to spare we offer a 1 hour Kiteboarding lesson which will give you the basic skills and a good understanding of kiteboarding and the equipment. If you have previously completed training or need to brush up your skills this is a good choice. Our instructor will teach you based on your skills. You can sign up as many hours in a day you wish to depend your your schedule.

Entry Level
1. No experience needed. (12 years old and above)
2. Good swimming skills is an advantage, If you cannot swim, you should learn.
3. A moderate level of physical fitness is required

1 hour lesson (you can sign up 2 to 3 hours per day depend on your schedule of the day)
Teaching time (1 on 1 instruction): min. 1 hrs
Teaching time (2 students per instructor): min. 2 hrs

You will learn:
(Note: the skills below depend on how many hours you have or attend the lesson, it's not all can be learned in one hour!)
1. Rigging up kite
2. Kite setup
3. Understanding the wind and weather
4. Site assessment and safety
5. Equipment safety systems
6. Launching and Landing

1. Full set of kiteboarding equipment and gear
2. Theory and instruction
3. Service of Instructor
4. Facilities usage at Oxbold center

1. Two ways transportation to Oxbold, Kuantan, Balok Beach
2. Accommodation
3. Meals

4. Insurance coverage (optional, can be purchased via advance booking)

Group Size
Minimum:  1 student (1 on 1 instruction)
Maximum:  2 student (2 students per instructor)

Meeting Point
Balok Beach, Kuantan
Google Map:
Waze Map:

Minimum 12 year old above

Maximum 95kg

Lesson Time
Between 10am - 5pm (depend on weather)


Safety briefing will be conducted on land or baech before the students enter the water. Students must follow all safety instruction.

     Kitesurfing Guidance / Coaching

Kite guidance or coaching is design for intermediate kiters (riding), such as but not limited as below (Max 3 hours):
1. Upwind riding
2. Transitions
3. Jumping and popping
4. Simple tricks such as back roll, front roll, board grab, toe side, transition tricks and etc.
5. Facilities usage at Oxbold center

What to Wear & Bring
2. Waterwear like lycra, boardshort and similar
4. Beach sandals or flip flops
5. Sunblock, Sunglasses and Cap
6. Towel and another dry set of clothes to change after lesson

Remember! Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport. It is wise to take lesson at a local reputable school and instructors. Please contact Oxbold Watersport Center for Kitesurfing Training information to get started the right way with proper training!

           Gift Voucher
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