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Windfoiling Lesson
Learn to Windfoiling at Balok Beach. The first Windfoiling centre in Malaysia. Wind Foiling offers a completely new dimension is sailing.
  Kuantan min age: 15+ RM400
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Stand Up Paddling Lesson
SUP is a new and fast growing sport in the world. It is a very cool sport that provides you with countless fun & adventure! It's also a great way to get a core full body workout.
  2 location min age: 10+ RM140
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Windsurfing Lesson
Windsurfing is a sport that brings together surfing and sailing. It give the unbeatable feeling of being out in the open sea and gliding effortlessly over the waters.
  Kuantan min age: 15+ RM250
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Kitesurfing Lesson
Learn to kitesurf with the best and experience instructor in Malaysia. We welcome all levels of student from beginner, refresh or coaching.
  Kuantan min age: 12+ RM150
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Flyboarding Training
Flyboard is a very cool and new sport that provides you with countless fun and adventure! You will be propelled from water jets.
  Putrajaya min age: 15+ RM370
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White Water Rafting Adventure
The most exciting outdoor activity for families, friends and company outing. Great adventure outdoor activity and close to nature.
  4 location min weight: 20kg+ RM159
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Skydiving Courses
Learn to skydive is one of the most extreme and fun stuff to do. The rush of adrenaline you'll feel as you leave the plane and dive. It's most people's bucket list of thing do in life.
  --- min age: --- RM---
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Pilot For a Day Experience
Flying an aircraft by yourself with actual hands-on experience. Stop dreaming and start flying today, this is an amazing experience for a lifetime.
  Subang min age: 12+ RM750
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Tandem Paragliding Experience | Lesson
The most simplest form of flying and a great experience for people who want to feel of flying like a bird and touch the sky once in a life time.
  3 location min age: 10+ RM250
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Rock Climbing Lesson
Learn to climb is fun and exciting at Batu Caves - It's a good outdoor sport for your mental and physical strong and great health
  Batu Caves min age: 7+ RM160
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Car Drifting Lesson
Learn to drift in a specialised race car with Goodyear pro drifter for technique like control the clutch, breaks, steering and donut eight.
  Serdang min age: 18+ RM5,800
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Stand Up Paddle Yoga Lesson
SUP Yoga is a fun way to tone up your body for core above the water. If you are looking at shaping and toning your body. SUP Yoga is ideal for fitness and balance.
  Putrajaya min age: 10+ RM200
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Paramotor Experience | Lesson
An unique way to fly, using a paraglider wing and a harness-mounted engine with propeller. A great way to cruise in the sky with speed.
  --- min age: --- RM---
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