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  FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions for Tandem Paramotor Malaysia  
1. Do I need reservations?
We strongly suggest that you book your trip as far in advance as possible. Our tandem paramotor experience fill up quickly, especially during the peak season like weekends and public holidays. All packages we offer are by advance reservation only, please check our description for more details.
2. Is Paramotor safe?
Statistically paramotor is quite safe as compared to other sports. Our instructors have all the necessary experience to judge the weather conditions and will only proceed with a flight if they are certain that safety will not be compromised. Like other adventure sports, it’s as safe or dangerous as you make it. When best practices in flight and procedure are followed, Powered Paragliding has an excellent safety record.

Engine failures are far easier to manage than in most other aircraft. You’ll be gliding downward with a landing speed just like a paragliding, after all.
3. What is Paramotor?
A paramotor, also known as a Powered Paraglider or PPG, combines the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider wing with the autonomy and range of powered flight.

It's a form of personal flying which offers unprecedented freedom, simplicity, controllable safety and low cost. There is no runway needed and most paramotors can be broken down to fit in to your car boot. A paramotor is a small engine which is strapped to your back like a rucksack, used with a glider which inflates above your head on the ground enabling you to take flight. Simple and easy to airborne!

Once airborne, you have two flight controls – left and right steering via the glider’s toggles and a handheld throttle to climb or descend. Paramotoring is one of the easiest and safest forms of flight to master and offers the kind of flying experience that is unmatched by other forms of aviation.
4. What can I expect from the tandem flight?
No two tandem flights are exactly the same, however, this is what you can expect from your day. After you get to the meeting point, pilots will greet you at the flying location. Pilots get ready the equipment and choose a suitable weather timing so your chance of flying is higher.

Once we are ready to takeoff, pilot we do a short briefing take you through the details of the flight and explain a bit about the equipment and safety procedures. After a safety check, we’re ready to take off, just sit back buckle up it’s time to enjoy your flight. Depending on your desire, abilities, the weather conditions, and the area where you fly, your pilot will using walkie-talkie to talking to you during the flight, relax, enjoy the view of your flight journey and have a good time.

The whole fly experience will be approximately 8-10 minutes of flying time depending on the conditions, the wind strength and direction, and of course on how the passenger feels and reacts to the experience.
5. How do I airborne?
There are two phases to launching. First the canopy is inflated in the wind and flown up over the pilot’s head. Then, the pilot runs down the slope of a hill until the paraglider has enough speed to fly at which point it lifts the pilot away from the ground. In the absence of a hill, paragliders can also be towed aloft, either by a truck or car, by a boat, or by a winch.
6. How high can Paramotor fly?
The majority of your flying is going to be below 200ft - 500ft. The “500ft Rule” allows pilots to fly below 500ft as long as they are no closer than 500ft to any person, vessel, vehicle, building or structure.
7. How far can Paramotor fly?
Typically, a paramotor has a range of between 2 and 3 hours. This is very much dependent upon your weight, glider performance, fuel load, flying style and weather conditions. When flown correctly and using altitude, you can cover a distance of 150 km.
8. How fast can Paramotor fly?
Speed is entirely dependent on the size and performance of the glider, more engine power just allows you to climb faster. The speed also depends on the type and size of the wing, but it usually falls between 27-45 km/hour.
9. Do I have to be physically fit to book tandem paramotor?
Being a passenger is not physically demanding. Just reasonably fit, both physically and mentally is good enough, while flying you just sit back and relax for airborne.

If you have a past or existing injury or weakness that may be aggravated by a sudden change of pace or direction while walking or jogging then paragliding is best avoided. As with most physical activity if you have a joint or muscular problem it may be aggravated by a tandem flight.
10. What happens if the motor cuts out?
If the motor fails, the pilot will glide down to the ground with the parachute. Nothing drastic or to worry about. Your instructor is very efficient and will descend even better than a normal parachute. As long as you have reasonable altitude to find a potential landing site, you can make a regular, safe landing.
When is the best time for me to book tandem paramotor to fly?
We fly every day if there is a booking and good weather, from Apr to October is the best season for paragliding in Malaysia. With mild to hot temperatures and fair winds, you have a much higher chance to enjoy an awesome glide in the sky.
12. What should I bring and wear on the activity day?
Please wear clothing similar to a walking adventure. It’s open cockpit flying so wear warm comfortable clothes and suitable footwear. Trainers or walking boots would be perfect. If you are bringing your family and friends, don’t forget the camera as they will be able to take photos from the ground.

Wear clothing which is comfortable and breathable. Comfortable feet are key, the right footwear provides protection from debris, stability on uneven ground. The activity field is exposed and you can burn even if it's cloudy. Wearing SPF 30+ suncream and suitable sunglasses will help protect you from the sun. If they are loose you may want to secure them before flight.

Some snack and water – sometimes if we have more people booking you might need to wait for your turn to fly. Your instructor is just as excited to fly you, relax, open up and enjoy yourself. We do our best and sit and buckle up to enjoy most of the fun!
13. What if I am afraid of heights?
There are many levels of being scared of heights. There is a big difference between a healthy caution of heights and a true fear of heights.

If you exhibit obvious and severe physical symptoms, such as sweating, dizziness, nausea, when close to an edge, in a glass elevator, or even just thinking about being high, then paragliding is not going to be so enjoyable. If you simply feel a bit anxious and/or excited about your tandem flight then you are normal.
Are there any height and weight restrictions?
We use an adjustable harness and two different-sized wings to cater to nearly every shape and size. As a general rule, we can easily cope with someone from 40 kg to 120 kg and a height of 120 cm to 200 cm.

If you are near to or outside the extremes of these ranges please advise us and we will endeavor to accommodate your size to change to a bigger wind/parachute to fit your weight. An additional RM50 will be imposed on people who above 89kg for KKB and above 91kg for other hill sites.
What are the age limits?
There are hardly any age limits if you fit within the weight requirements and are in good shape. The oldest passenger we’ve had so far was nearly 80 years old! Kids as young as 6 years old can fly too, as long as it is clear that they want to, and anyone aged 14 to 17 must have the form signed by a guardian.  

A parent or a guardian must be present to look after them, participate in the briefing, and be satisfied that we are taking all necessary measures to ensure the child’s safety.
14. Can I bring camera or do you take videos/photos for us?
You are welcome to bring a camera, phone, or GoPro with you on the flight to record pictures and/or video. We recommend you have a strap around your neck or wrist to secure the camera and any loss or damage to the device is your responsibility. If a friend or family member is available they can take some photos/video of your launch and landing.

Our pilots will have a GoPro available on the day and for free of charge to take some video or photos while in the air for you. Later you can transfer it to your phone or email. We hope this makes your experience worth for memory of your lifetime.
15. Do I need to get insurance as tandem passenger?
Yes! Although the tandem pilot may have his/her insurance coverage, it does not cover the passengers. Therefore it is imperative that the passenger subscribes to an insurance plan that specifically covers the paramotor activity. It's optional, however we highly recommended you get it for safety and peace of mind while travel for holiday to enjoy tandem paramotor.
16. How do I book the Tandem Paramotor Experience?
You can book the tandem paramotor experience by filling up the Booking Form on our website. If you have any questions about the lesson before booking, please call or WhatsApp our General Line for assistant by click here +60196638336
17. How early should I arrive beforehand to meeting point?
Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your lesson. If you are not familiar with the area you may want to allow some extra time before your departure time. Make sure to get good directions before you leave home (we provide Google & Waze Map in your Confirmation Email).

FYI: Be sure to take your instructor or OXBOLD contact number info with you. All trips start at the set scheduled and times, if you are late or you have missed the lesson. Make sure you are familiar with our booking policies.
What if the weather is not good on the activity day?
Paramotor sport requires a good weather for safe flight. Of course, we must fly during daylight and we cannot fly in the rain. We make every effort to forecast weather in advance so that you and your pilot only travel to airborne if there is a good chance of flying.

However, the weather is unpredictable and full of surprises. If the booked time is not suitable for flying we simply reschedule or make arrangements for another day that does suit your schedule. Many people are lucky and their preferred day is rewarded with a great flight. Others may require two or three different booking times to finally get airborne. We will communicate with each other the day before and/or the morning of the flight to confirm the weather and the likelihood of flying.
What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Non-refundable if cancellation 3 days before the activity, the date can be always reschedule due to bad weather conditions which nobody can predict correctly or a 50% refund if canceled on the activity day.
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