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  FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions for Paragliding Student Pilot Course Malaysia  
1. Do I need reservations?
We strongly suggest that you book your trip as far in advance as possible. Our paragliding lessons fill up quickly, especially during the peak season like weekends and public holidays. All packages we offer are by advance reservation only, please check our description for more details.
2. Is Paragliding safe?
Statistically, paragliding is quite safe as compared to other sports. Choosing when to fly has the greatest impact on everyone’s safety when it comes to paragliding.

Our instructors have all the necessary experience to judge the weather conditions and will only proceed with a flight if they are certain that safety will not be compromised.
3. What does it take to be a Paragliding Pilot?
You don’t need to be an athlete or physically strong to fly paragliders. It's more about finesse and decision-making. It's pretty amazing to get up in the air within a few hours of showing up for your first training session, and for most students to be completely certified pilots in 8-14 days of training.

Flying is really the easy part. The ground handling (also called kiting) is counterintuitive in the beginning and becomes almost as fun as flying once you have gained skills through practice. We work to build your skills and knowledge, in order to help you exercise good judgment as a pilot. It is important for pilots to spend the first year of flying acquiring knowledge from their own experiences, and from other pilots. The wonderful thing about this sport is that the learning never ends.

Being physically and mentally alert and prepared is more important than physical conditioning. To be a successful paragliding student and pilot, you need to be able to think clearly and enjoy the learning journey at an appropriate pace.
4. How long does it take to learn?
You will be flying solo within the third day after your paragliding training. However, in order to acquire the basic skills necessary to fly on your own without instructor supervision, you need to complete the 4 day basic paragliding pilot course and get continue for your PL1 License. To get certify pilot for PL1, you are required to complete min 40 solo fly and spends another 8-10 days by renting the paragliding gear RM100 per day with instructor supervision in your solo flight training.

Whether you complete your training in consecutive days or spread out over several months is up to you, although the more concentrated the training, the better.
5. Certificate of Completion
Upon completion of your training, we will issue a Certificate of Completion to acknowledge your training. This could be handy if you wish to claim from HRDF or other agencies that will reimburse certain skill development training. Or, you could just frame it on the wall as memorabilia
6. What can I expect for my first lesson?
Usually, we start from the training field to do some ground handling, runs to deploy the wing. That is very dependent on conditions and how quickly a student can learn. Often during perfect conditions, we start with some ground handling to see how touching a paraglider feels. If a student feels like a tandem flight is the next best course of action, we may go for a tandem.
7. Do we require license to fly in Malaysia?
Paragliding is an unregulated adventure sport like whitewater rafting, surfing or trail hiking. However, in order to maintain high safety standards and to prevent the sport from becoming dangerous to others, you are required to complete at least the basic training program before being allowed to fly on your own.

Upon completion of the training courses, you will often be certified with a rating based on your skill level. This proficiency rating certification is often called “license” although legally the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) does not officially issue a paragliding license.

However, we do have an association called Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF) that was voted by the majority of paragliding pilots in Malaysia to help the CAAM in managing the paragliding sport.
8. Do I need to purchase own gears during the course?
During the training course, you will be using our equipment and there is no need to purchase your own set of gears for the training.
9. I have a paragliding certification from other country, can i used in Malaysia?
As long as the license or proficiency rating card is from among the list of agencies that are recognized internationally, then you do not require further additional licenses to fly in Malaysia.

Your activities will be limited only to recreational activities. Commercial tandem flights or teaching new students are not allowed before obtaining proper working permits from the government authorities.
10. What should I bring and wear on the lesson day?
The most important requirement other than proper safety gears which we will provide during training, you are only required to make sure that proper shoes are used during training.

Any outdoor sports shoes would do, anything else is optional and subjective such as whether you prefer to use long pants and sleeves or khaki shorts.

This is due to hot tropical weather and the ground handling training will be conducted in an open field under the afternoon sun.
11. COVID-19 Health Screening
This latest requirement comes as a necessity to be followed by all involved parties, a new norm for paragliding as well as other activity sectors.

Please declare anything that may potentially put others at risk, and the SOP for paragliding is equally similar to any other activities such as physical distancing, the use of sanitizers, washing of hands et cetera.
12. Medical Checkup (optional but highly recommended)
The ground handling session is quite a strenuous activity, so if you suspect that your health condition may not be suitable then please get medical advice prior.

Other than ground handling, the rest are quite easy and relaxing especially when you are able to control the glider well before launching.

Share with us your medical history that could prohibit you from engaging yourself in a strenuous activity under the sun, so we could adjust the ground handling training technique and schedule according to the weather and your situation.
13. Where I can fly after completion of training
After you have completed the training course, you will be able to start flying at several sites that are designated as suitable for novice pilots such as the following :

1. Jugra Paragliding Park
2. Pedas Paragliding Park
3. Bubus Paragliding Park
4. Berangan Paragliding Park

However, you are required to fly with the supervision of an instructor to ensure that you will be monitored for your continuous safety. An instructor or a pilot with more experience will advise you on any mistakes or share their experience during your continuous practice flights.
14. What age can I learn to paraglide?
Legally you have to be 16 or over, or if you are under 16 you need your parental consent to learn to fly in Malaysia.
15. Do I have insurance protection for my paragliding course?
At the moment, Malaysian who booked the paragliding course will be covered by the insurance company that specifically covers paragliding activities in Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad, and all paragliding operators are required to subscribe their passengers to this insurance.

For non-Malaysian, you have to purchase insurance separately from us, it's optional however we highly recommended you get it for safety and peace of mind while travel for holiday to enjoy tandem paragliding.
16. How do I book the Paragliding Pilot Course?
You can book the tandem paragliding experience by filling up the Booking Form on our website. If you have any questions about the lesson before booking, please call or WhatsApp our General Line for assistant at +60196638336
17. How early should I arrive beforehand to meeting point?
Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your lesson. If you are not familiar with the area you may want to allow some extra time before your departure time. Make sure to get good directions before you leave home (we provide Google & Waze Map in your Confirmation Email).

FYI: Be sure to take your instructor or OXBOLD contact number info with you. All trips start at the set scheduled and times, if you are late or you have missed the lesson. Make sure you are familiar with our booking policies.
18. Where is the location for my paragliding pilot course?
That is very dependent on the weather conditions of the day of your lesson. You will be either train in these 2 locations:

1. Jugra Paragliding Park
2. Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

The instructor will inform you one or day early after he checks the weather forecast.
19. What if the weather is not good on the activity day?
Paragliding requires a certain strength and direction of the wind to enjoy a safe flight. Of course, we must fly during daylight and we cannot fly in the rain. We make every effort to forecast weather in advance so that you and your pilot only travel to launch if there is a good chance of flying.

However, the weather is unpredictable and full of surprises. If the booked time is not suitable for flying we simply make arrangements for another day that does suit your schedule. Many students are lucky and their preferred day is rewarded with a great flight. Others may require two or three different booking times to finally get started. The instructor will communicate with you the day before and/or the morning of the flight to confirm the weather and the likelihood of flying.
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