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  FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions for One Day Pilot Malaysia  
1. Do I need reservations?
We strongly suggest that you book your pilot experience as advanced as possible. Our flight experience will fill up quickly, especially during the peak season like weekends and public holidays. Advance booking will smoothen your booking that it involves a lot of admin work on our site to check your flight slot to ensure pilot, and aircraft are available and not under maintenance period. The pilot will need to lock your book schedule to the airport control tower to ensure no other flight will take the airspace on your flight day.

All experience we offer is by advance reservation only, please check our description for more details.
2. What is Pilot For A Day?
One Day Pilot or Pilot for a Day program is a special program designed for people who want to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience by flying an aircraft by doing it a hand on experience. You will be a co-pilot and fly the aircraft yourself with an experienced pilot beside you when you are in the air.

Please meet up with your pilot 10min before your flight time in front of the Starbucks entrance. The pilot will help to register for a pass to enter the flight zone and check your vaccination status. You will walk thru together with the pilot to pass thru the Immigration gate. Please ensure you wear a proper dress code and bring the IC or Passport before coming to the airport.

For Malaysian citizens, you must bring NRIC to the airport, for Non-Malaysian, you must bring a Passport to the airport for immigration/custom security check. Without this document, you are unable to go into the airport restricted zone to enjoy this experience.

Once at the hanger or the aircraft, you will have a ground briefing by the pilot before take-off. It's for you to understand the basic command, what to do and don't when in the air. The pilot will explain about the aircraft and how he will transfer the flight control to you and vice-versa. The take-off and landing will be controlled by the pilot to ensure safety for your experience.

You will fly past the KLCC, KL tower, followed by Batu Caves, and back to Subang. Longer flights like 60 min will cover more places outside of Kuala Lumpur like Shah Alam, Klang and etc depend on weather and control tower permitted on the day. Either 30 or 60min flights booked, please add another 60min to your flight time as an overall time you will spend in this program. Make sure you can spend 1 to 2 hours or more to ensure it's not too rushed for you to enjoy this special moment of a life experience.

It might be someone's dream who wishes to fly an aircraft or it's your dream. Now, this is the opportunity for you to sign up for the One Day Pilot flight experience or with your friends or buy it as a Gift Vouchers to someone special to make their dream come true with you as well.

Whether you enjoy a One Day Pilot Flight Experience or decide to continue your training to become a fully qualified pilot, you will gain a great sense of achievement.
3. Is One Day Pilot Safe?
Yes, if you know what you're doing and understand the ground briefing by pilot of what to do and don't.
Ask questions if you do not understand.
4. If I only have 1 person, can I still book this package?
Yes! You can. All flights require a minimum of 1 person as a co-pilot to book this package.
Passenger is optional.
5. Which package is best for me? 30 min or 60 min flight?
It all depends on your budget. The difference of 30 min and 60 min just a longer flight journey and 60 min will cover more places outside of Kuala Lumpur like Shah Alam, Klang and etc.
6. Can I book as a Passenger and Not a Co-pilot?
NO! This flight experience is designed for people to experience hands-on flight experience as a co-pilot. Most people book this package is to share this special moment with the people who they loved and care. They don't like to have a stranger as a passenger seat behind the aircraft with them.
7. Can I bring passengers along during my flight?
Yes! If you are flying the aircraft, the Cessna aircraft has Two (2) seats at the back to serve as a passenger seat. It will be a great idea for you to bring along your friends or family members to observe your flight experience or assist you to take photos and videos during the flight.
8. Can I bring a camera along?
Yes! Flying on an airplane is an amazing experience, so please feel free to bring along a camera. You can also bring along your friends or family members to help you take photos and videos during the flight as your passengers.
9. What should I wear during my flight?
You are chartering an aircraft, not a normal airbus passenger! Please wear casual & smart with proper attire for this special moment.

Smart and casual attire (light cloths as aircraft has no aircon!)
- Long pants and Knee Length Skirts are mandatory!
- Long or short-sleeved, T‐shirt, Collar shirts or Skirt is fine (No Singlet or Short Pants!)
- Covered shoes only (No sandals, slippers, or flip flops!)
- Small water bottle to drink (optional)
- Camera
10. Is there an age limit to fly an aircraft?
So long as you are fit and agile, e.g. that you can get in and out of a family car without assistance, then you will be able to fly with us. However, please be aware that participants on the One Day Pilot program must be 12 years of age or older to flight the aircraft and passenger can be minimum 4 years old above.

In some case, our pilot require a medical report for age above 60 year old.
11. Is there a height restriction?
Yes! To fly in any of the aircraft, you need to be a minimum of 5' tall and not taller than 6'4".
12. Is there a weight restriction?
Yes! The aircraft can handle a maximum of 230kg for a total of 3 passengers at once (1 co-pilot + 2 passengers on your side excludes the pilot). Participants should notify OXBOLD prior to booking the flight if the overall passenger is over this weight limit.
13. How do I book the Flight experience?
You can book the flight experience by filling up the Booking Form on our website. If you have any questions about the package before booking, please Call or WhatsApp our General Line for assistant at

If you have received a Gift Voucher for a flight experience with OXBOLD, you will need to email us to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your flight. Please email us and stated your Gift Voucher Number, Expiry Date, Name, Contact Number, Date, and Time of your flight booking.
14. How long is my voucher valid for?
All vouchers are valid for 3 months unless special cases. Extend of Voucher only allow for 1 (ONE) time for a period of 1 (ONE) more month at an additional cost of RM100 payable prior to the voucher expiry date.
15. Can I upgrade my voucher?
Yes, you can! If you would like to add extra time to your flight or add extra passengers, all you have to do is to let us know in advance so we will have ample time to arrange your flight experience. You will just pay the additional cost incurred when you upgrade it.
16. Are the voucher transferable?
Yes, your voucher is transferable! You can change the name on the voucher and transfer it to another person. However, you must notify OXBOLD at minimum 48 hours or more before the flight with full detail of the new co-pilot and passenger name, ic or passport number, weight and etc.
17. How early should I arrive beforehand to meeting point?
Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your flight schedule. If you are not familiar with the area you may want to allow some extra time before your departure time. Make sure to get good directions before you leave home (we provide Google & Waze Map in this website and your Confirmation Email).

FYI: Be sure to take your pilot or OXBOLD contact number info with you. All booking start at the set scheduled and times, if you are late or you have missed the flight. Make sure you are familiar with our booking policies.
18. What happens on a typical flight day?
Your experience begins when you meet us at the meeting point and time. Follow the SOP and make sure you have done all the necessary parts before meeting up with your pilot.

The pilot will help you to prepare your airport check-in registration process, go thru the immigration together, and lead you to the aircraft. Follow up, on land briefing of flight theory, aviationĀ languages and safety aspect you should know during your flight on the air.
19. What happens if there is bad weather?
Flying an aircraft has always been a weather-dependent activities. If you have been scheduled, you must come to the airport regardless of weather conditions. If we feel it is necessary to cancel, we will call you. If inclement weather occurs after you arrive, all training will either be postponed until later in the day or reschedule to a new date.

If the reschedule date is not able to fulfill due to a valid reason. In the case of the activities cancellation, participants are offered the option to receive a full refund.
20. Do I need to get insurance coverage for my flight experience?
Starting from 2022, there will be no more insurance coverage for all aviation sports which include One Day Pilot Experience. You must have your own insurance protection and coverage before signing up for this activity. OXBOLD, the instructor, and people who are involved in the aviation sport will not be liable and responsible if any accident and injury involve during the entire activity.
21. Will I get a refund If I cancel or I don't get to fly?
Yes! There are two (2) scenarios you will get a refund if you meet the refund policy.

1. You already make a payment and couldn't fly due to some valid reason, you can cancel the flight min 72 hrs before the flight or provide us your valid reason letter to get a quick refund.

2. You reach the airport to take your flight experience and bad weather occurred or other reason pilot told you that which is out of his control, your flight have to cancel and postponed to a later date which the reschedule date can't match your travel schedule or other reason, you can request for refund.
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