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Have you always wanted and dream to be a Pilot? Did you spend your childhood and imagine one day you could be flying? Do you want to be a bird sailing in the sky with only the wind to guide you? If you're new to flying then our range of Flying Experience are just perfect for you. Whether it is a plane trial fly or lessons, we have all range of exciting flying packages, lessons and gift experiences to suit you, your friends, families and colleagues for the ultimate experience and memories that will last for a lifetime.
For those who want to sit back, relax and take in stunning scenery from above the sky, we have the perfect experiences in an aeroplane flying to tour around Kuala Lumpur city view.

We also offer all range of alternative adrenaline filled flying experiences likes Paragliding or Private Pilot License. OXBOLD offers the opportunity for you to experience it. We have many options for you; you'll need time just to consider which one you want to go first! Whatever your choice is, we'll do our best to have you flying and have a great experience and fun with us!
Pilot For a Day Experience
Flying an aircraft by yourself with actual hands-on experience. Stop dreaming and start flying today, this is an amazing experience for a lifetime.
  Subang min age: 12+ RM750
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Tandem Paragliding Experience
The most simplest form of flying and a great experience for people who want to feel of flying like a bird and touch the sky once in a life time.
  3 location min age: 10+ RM250
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Skydiving Courses
Learn to skydive is one of the most extreme and fun stuff to do. The rush of adrenaline you'll feel as you leave the plane and dive. It's most people's bucket list of thing do in life.
  --- min age: --- RM---
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Paramotor Experience | Lesson
An unique way to fly, using a paraglider wing and a harness-mounted engine with propeller. A great way to cruise in the sky with speed.
  --- min age: --- RM---
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