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  Available everyday and public holiday upon early booking!

Flyboard Package
   Duration: 30min, 60min and 90min package
   Must pre-book minimum 4-7 days in advance
   Available everyday includes Public Holiday
   Minimum 1, 2 or 3 person upon booking based on package
Minimum age 15 years old or weight 38kg above
   Maximum 60 years old in good health
   Maximum Weight: 120 kg per person
   Insurance and return transport optional
   Click here for Package Itinerary

Pre-book minimum 7 days advanced Half Day Trip  Minimum 1 person upon booking Minimum age 15 years old above Maximum Weight 120KG
   30 min training for 1 person
   Equipment included
   Ex. lesson meeting point
   Minimun 15 years old
   Rate excludes transportation
   Rate excludes insurance
1 person
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   60 min training for 1 person
   Equipment included
   Ex. lesson meeting point
   Minimun 15 years old
   Rate excludes transportation
   Rate excludes insurance
1 person
PayPal Payment
   90 min training UP to 3 person
   Equipment included
   Ex. lesson meeting point
   Minimun 15 years old
   Rate excludes transportation
   Rate excludes insurance
2 to 3 person
PayPal Payment
   120 min training UP to 4 person
   Equipment included
   Ex. lesson meeting point
   Minimun 15 years old
   Rate excludes transportation
   Rate excludes insurance
4 person sharing
PayPal Payment
   Booking 72 hours before the activity
   Minimun 1 people upon booking
15 years old
   Rate excludes transportation
   Rate excludes insurance
add RM50
per person
   Optional (Excluded in the package)
   Sum assured of RM50,000
   Cover per person for full activity day
   Maximum age is 60 years old
   View Domestic Insurance Benefits
per person
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Mental 6
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Maritime PutrajayaLearn to Flyboarding

Marina Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur

Flyboard is a fun, easy way to go and play on the water. Flyboard is a very cool and new sport that provides you with countless fun and adventure! We have some safety rules. Everyone trying Flyboard for the first time have to pass Flyboard – firsttime training from our instructor. Our flyboard instructors were go through with you the safety training before your ride and see you enjoy all the fun later.

It's only available in Maritime Putrajaya on weekend and public holiday based on early online booking to ensure your slot is secure. We run 8 slots in a day and each slot maximum to 3 people only. We hope you will book 1 (one) week in advance to avoid disappointment.

A Flyboard is a type of water jetpack attached to a Personal Water Craft (PWC) which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard through air and water to perform a sport known as flyboarding. A Flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. PWC, also called water scooter, it is a recreational watercraft, most people called it Jet Ski.

The Flyboard was invented in spring 2011 by a French watercraft rider, Franky Zapata. He built many prototypes before perfecting the design which allows the device to climb out of the water and be stable in the air. This was achieved by the underfoot propulsion and hand stabilization. The device was presented to the public for the first time at the jet ski World Championship 2012 in China. After a video was posted on YouTube the product received a lot of attention from people around the world and it was looked at as an incredible new sport phenomenon.

The Flyboard is a bolt on device that is attached to a jet ski and requires proper instructions and safety gear before being able to use the product successfully and efficiently. So that the PWC follows behind the rider’s trail allowing the rider all types of freedom even allowing the rider to go under water if they desire. The pilot that is on the Flyboard is in complete control of the navigation while the throttle is controlled by the person in charge of the PWC.

The pilot on the Flyboard is secured in by bindings similar to a wakeboard and the rider is propelled from water jets below the device. There are certain rules that one must go by when attempting to ride on a Flyboard. The Flyboard is buoyant for safety, which also allows the rider to rest in the water between rides if the rider happens to get fatigued. The use of a personal flotation device and helmet is recommended for safety purposes at all time when you rides on Flyboard.

Device power is controlled by a throttle on the PWC. The equipment may be used in two modes: The primary one requires two people, one to control the PWC throttle which regulates the power and height of the rider. The secondary mode relies on an accessory called an Electronic Management Kit (EMK) which allows the rider to control the jetski throttle. Currently we are operate the primary mode in Putrajaya for all our customer.

Our instructors offer quality, enjoyable and fun learning experience. Our business philosophy, strict safety code of conduct is enforced at all times.

           Package Description

Instructor, Jet Ski and Flyboard equipment for your training
Helmet and Llife Vest (US Coast Guard Approved)

Refreshments (Drinks)

Return transportation to activities site
Personal Accident Insurance Coverage.

Group Sizes
Minimum:  1 student (Introductory or Regular Flyboard package)
Maximum:  2 or 3 student per group (Group Flyboard package)

Between 9am - 5pm

30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes per session (depend on package sign up)

Flyboard Slot
Each slot is 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes (per package/num of people)
Total 8 slots for a day (morning and afternoon each 4 slots)
Each slot either 1, 2, 3 or 4 people in a group

  Sample Itinenary for Flyboard Per Hour Slot
Slot 1: 9am - 10am or 10:30am
Intro Flyboard package
(1 person / 30 min)
Regular Flyboard package
(1 person / 60 min)
Group Flyboard package
(2 or 3 person share / 90 min)
Slot 2: 10am - 11am
Slot 3: 11am - 12pm
Slot 4: 2pm - 3pm
Slot 5: 3pm - 4pm
Slot 6:  4pm - 5pm
Slot 7:  5pm - 6pm


Minimum 15 years old above
(under 18 years old must have a legal parent or
guardian accompany them during the flyboard activities)

Minimum 38kg
Maximum 120kg

Shoe size
Between UK 4 - UK 13

Most training will be processed under slight drizzle rain, and will not commence under heavy rain or thunderstorm. For safety reasons, we may need to re-schedule your experience to a later date due to bad weather conditions.
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Marina Putrajaya, Precinct 5
Google Map: https://goo.gl/PYfXgF
Waze Map: https://goo.gl/Wf3reg

Safety briefing will be conducted on activities site.All instructions from instructor must be followed by students while in the lake, beach or on land. Never fly the Flyboard under the influence of alcohols, drugs or other medication that impairs judgement or coordination. Doing so can result in serious injury.

What we need from you
1. You must have good water confidence
2. Able to follow instruction
3. Good in health and fit

You don’t need to be extremely fit but at least your body can accept exposure to sun & have enough stamina to swim back to dock, in the event of emergency if any.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Two set of clothes to change (one for wet and other dry after lesson)
3. Swimming suit or boardshort
4. Mineral water
5. Straps for spectacles or contact lenses if you need it
6. Towel or Sarong for bath
7. Sun Screen Lotion and Basic Toiletries
8. Cap / Sun glasses

           Gift Voucher
OXBOLD Gift Vouchers Flyboard Experience is popular for ideal GIFT Experience. Many of our customer buy this as Gift eVouchers for Families, Couple, Birthday, Anniversary and etc.

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