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OXBOLD is one of the widest integrated sports businesses in Malaysia and offers sports related gadgets, products, courses, travel and certification. OXBOLD Sports is a private company owned and operated by action sports enthusiasts. Our people are passionate in extreme sports and have a combined over 10 years in sports business since 2003 with marketing and operations. We conduct our business in major tourist destinations, simply to say we are always on the run and not always stay in the office. We are engaged in every aspect of the extreme and adventure sports industry, including events, development, exploration, production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, training and customer support.

Today, OXBOLD markets Aerial, Land, Water & Eco Sports & Alternative Travel in Malaysia.

OXBOLD represents an extreme sport and online-marketing driven company. Made up of a diverse talented pool of industry professionals, OXBOLD is focused towards sport tourism marketing, developing new adventurous and entertainment sports package, content and service platforms geared at engaging young adults at both regional and global levels. OXBOLD's main mission is focused on delivering highly entertaining sports event experiences, contents and products that will constantly engage, thrill and excite this young and restless market.

OXBOLD is always searching, developing and introducing new and exciting sports and recreational activities to our business. OXBOLD also open the door for idea and opportunity to engage and work with those company or personnel who would like to excel and pull in more resources to the industry of sports and tourism. We welcome professional, sponsors and talented people to work together with us. Just drop us an email and we shall contact you soon.

Our goal is to make Malaysia as the landmark for sports and alternative travel destination for local and International.
What We Do
Extreme Sport/Activity Organizer & Operation.
Extreme Sport Education, Training and Certification.
Extreme Sport Event & Competition Organizer.
Malaysia Distributor and Importer for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddling boards & equipment for Starboard, Starboard-SUP, Airush and Severnesails
Sport Packages
Aerial Sports : Paragliding, One Day Pilot, KL City Air Tour, Aircraft Charter, etc.
Land Sports : SphereCraze (Zorb), Ninebot Tour, Rock Climbing, Car Drifting and etc.
Water Sports : Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, White Water Rafting, Swimming, etc.
Eco Sports : Waterfall Abseiling, Rafflesia Trekking, etc.
    more to come...
OXBOLD Mission
To make Extreme Sports Available, Affordable at Anytime, Anywhere in Malaysia
OXBOLD Website
This website was written, constructed, coded, designed, developed and photographed, directed, edited and digitally mastered by us and our guides, instructors at OXBOLD and their friends, no outside help was procured.

We are still in progress of developing, design and constanly update the website. This website is design for all people out there who love outdoor and extreme sports. It's for you!!! We need your full support and feedback to make it a better place to live and play. Life is awesome! Play it, enjoy it.

We put the same degree of passion and concentration into our site as we do designing, developing and perfecting our extreme sport packages and courses. We feel like this site says a lot about what we do, but our services speak for themselves. Join our sports activities, and then try out some of the courses yourself. A good website doesn't make a good sports package, but a good website can sure make a good sports package look even better.

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