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Welcome to Oxbold, your gateway to thrilling outdoor sports adventures, comprehensive lessons, extensive education programs, and recognized certification courses in Malaysia. OXBOLD is one of Malaysia's most diverse integrated sports businesses.

Are you ready to explore the adrenaline-filled world of outdoor sports? Oxbold offers a wide range of activities and programs suitable for all levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to enjoy outdoor sports adventures, improve your skills, or pursue your passion professionally, Oxbold has got you covered.

About Oxbold

Are you seeking an outdoor sports adventure in Malaysia? Look no further than Oxbold. What started as a passion project for outdoor enthusiasts has grown into a leading provider of thrilling outdoor sports experiences. The team at Oxbold is committed to providing you with the best possible adventure that suits your level of expertise.

At Oxbold, they cater to all experience levels, from novices to experts. They recognize that everyone has different abilities and comfort levels, and thus they provide personalized attention to ensure you reach your fullest potential. Oxbold's team consists of experienced instructors and knowledgeable experts who have a true passion for outdoor sports.

Outdoor Sports Adventures

Get ready for unforgettable outdoor sports adventures with Oxbold. From flying an aircraft to stand up paddling, and rock climbing. Oxbold offers a range of thrilling activities to choose from. Experience the adrenaline rush and the beauty of nature through these exciting activities.

OXBOLD is a private company owned and operated by action sports enthusiasts. Our people are passionate about extreme sports and have a combined over 15 years in the outdoor sports business since 2003 with marketing and operations. We conduct our business in major tourist and sports destinations, simply to say we are always on the run and not always stay in the office. We are engaged in every aspect of the sports activities, including development, exploration, marketing, sales, training, and customer support!

Today, OXBOLD markets Aerial, Land, Water & Driving Sports in Malaysia.

OXBOLD represents an extreme sport and online marketing-driven company. Made up of a diverse talented pool of industry professionals, OXBOLD is focused on sports tourism marketing, developing new adventurous and entertainment sports package, content, and service platforms geared at engaging young adults at both regional and global levels. OXBOLD's main mission is focused on delivering highly entertaining sports experiences, content, and products that will constantly engage, thrill, and excite this young and restless market.

OXBOLD is always searching, developing, and introducing new and exciting sports and recreational activities to our business. OXBOLD also open the door for the idea and opportunity to engage and work with those company or personnel who would like to excel and pull in more resources to the industry of sports and tourism. We welcome professionals, sponsors, and talented people to work together with us. Just drop us an email and we shall contact you soon.

Our goal is to make Malaysia the landmark for sports and alternative travel destinations for local and international.

Lessons for All Levels

At Oxbold, we believe that outdoor sports adventures should be experienced by everyone, regardless of skill level or expertise. That's why we offer lessons for all levels in various outdoor sports disciplines, including rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and more.

Our expert instructors provide personalized guidance to help you improve your skills and achieve your outdoor sports goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to try something new or an advanced enthusiast seeking to enhance your technique, we have the right program for you.


If you're new to outdoor sports, our beginner lessons are the perfect starting point. Learn the basics skills with our patient and knowledgeable instructors. We provide all the necessary equipment and safety gear, so you can focus on having fun and learning new skills.


If you already have some experience in outdoor sports, our intermediate lessons can help you take your skills to the next level. Our instructors will work with you to refine your technique and introduce you to more challenging terrain. You'll gain more confidence and be able to tackle tougher adventures with ease.


If you're an advanced enthusiast looking to push your limits, our advanced lessons can help you achieve your outdoor sports goals. Our experienced instructors will challenge you with difficult terrain, advanced techniques, and specialized equipment. You'll improve your skills and be able to take on some of the most challenging outdoor sports adventures in Malaysia.

At Oxbold, we're committed to providing comprehensive and personalized lessons to help you achieve your potential in outdoor sports. With our expert instructors and personalized guidance, you'll be able to take your skills to the next level and enjoy thrilling outdoor sports adventures in Malaysia.

Education Programs

Expand your knowledge and skills in outdoor sports through Oxbold's education programs. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or just starting, these programs offer comprehensive insights on various topics related to outdoor sports.

Oxbold's education programs cover safety, equipment, techniques, and more. You'll learn from experienced instructors, who are passionate about outdoor sports and committed to sharing their knowledge with you. With these programs, you can gain a deeper understanding of your favorite outdoor sports, enhance your abilities, and take your skills to the next level.

Enroll in our comprehensive programs to become a well-rounded outdoor sports enthusiast. Learn to stay safe while enjoying thrilling activities, master the proper use of equipment, and hone your techniques to perfect your sport. You'll gain invaluable knowledge and skills that will enhance your outdoor sports experiences and keep you safe while you enjoy your adventures. Gain confidence in your abilities and get ready for more thrilling adventures.

Certification Courses at Oxbold

Are you looking to take your outdoor sports adventure skills to the next level? Oxbold offers a range of certification courses in various disciplines, including rock climbing, kayaking, and more. Our courses are designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue your outdoor sports passions professionally.

Our expert instructors have years of experience in their respective fields and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, our certification courses cater to all levels of expertise.

At Oxbold, we believe in providing comprehensive training that goes beyond basic skills. Our certification courses cover a wide range of topics, from safety measures to advanced techniques. Our programs are recognized in the industry, ensuring that you receive the best education and certification possible.

Join our certification courses and embark on a journey to become a certified outdoor sports enthusiast. With Oxbold, you'll learn from the best and gain the necessary skills to pursue your passion.

Oxbold Malaysia

Discover the joy of outdoor sports adventure with Oxbold in Malaysia. With multiple locations throughout the city, you can easily access thrilling activities like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and more.

Take advantage of Oxbold's comprehensive lessons for all levels of expertise and learn from expert instructors who are passionate about outdoor sports.

Enroll in Oxbold's education programs and enhance your knowledge and understanding of outdoor sports, from safety to equipment and technique.

For those looking to take their skills to the next level, Oxbold offers recognized certification courses in various outdoor sports disciplines.

Enjoy the vibrant city of Singapore while experiencing the thrill of outdoor sports with Oxbold. Book your adventure today.

Safety and Equipment

At Oxbold, we prioritize your safety above all else. We understand that outdoor sports adventures can be thrilling but also come with inherent risks. That’s why we ensure that all our equipment is of the highest quality and maintained regularly. Our expert instructors will also guide you on how to use the equipment safely and correctly.

Before starting any outdoor sports adventure, we conduct thorough safety briefings to ensure that you understand the risks involved and the measures to take to avoid accidents. We also encourage all our customers to dress appropriately to ensure maximum safety and comfort during the activities.

Our safety measures go beyond just equipment and briefings. We have a comprehensive emergency response plan in place in case of any unforeseen incidents. Our trained staff will ensure prompt and appropriate actions are taken to keep everyone safe.

Instructors and Expertise

At Oxbold, we take pride in our team of expert instructors who are passionate about outdoor sports adventure. Our instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields, making them the best guides for your outdoor sports journey.

They are committed to providing personalized guidance and one-on-one support to help you achieve your goals and improve your skills. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, our instructors will meet you at your level and challenge you to push beyond your limits.

At Oxbold, we emphasize safety and equipment. You can rest assured that our instructors are trained in safety measures and will teach you the necessary skills to stay safe during your outdoor sports adventures. They will also provide you with the latest equipment, ensuring that you have access to high-quality gear that meets industry standards.

Our instructors are not only experts in outdoor sports but also in educating others. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with you and creating an enjoyable and unforgettable learning experience.

Join us at Oxbold and experience the thrill of outdoor sports adventure with the guidance and support of our expert instructors.

Testimonials and Reviews

Hear from Oxbold's satisfied customers about their experiences with outdoor sports adventure, lessons, education, and certification. Their testimonials and reviews provide insight into the exceptional quality of services and programs offered by Oxbold.
"I've always been interested in outdoor sports but never knew where to start. Oxbold's beginner lessons were the perfect introduction, and now I'm hooked! The instructors were patient and knowledgeable, and I felt safe and supported throughout the entire experience." - Emily
"The certification courses at Oxbold are top-notch. I earned my paragliding certification and now I feel confident pursuing my passion professionally. The course was challenging but the instructors were always there to provide guidance and support." - James
These are just a few examples of the many satisfied customers who have had positive experiences with Oxbold. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, Oxbold has something to offer. The expert instructors and comprehensive programs ensure that you leave with improved skills and a newfound appreciation for outdoor sports adventure.


In conclusion, Oxbold is your one-stop destination for outdoor sports adventure, lessons, education, and certification in Singapore. With a commitment to providing thrilling experiences, Oxbold offers a range of activities and lessons for all levels of expertise.

Whether you're a beginner or advanced enthusiast, Oxbold has expert instructors and personalized guidance to help you achieve your outdoor sports goals. Enhance your knowledge and understanding of outdoor sports through Oxbold's comprehensive education programs, covering topics such as safety, equipment, technique, and more.

Take your outdoor sports adventure skills to the next level with Oxbold's recognized certification courses in disciplines such as rock climbing and kayaking. Safety is a top priority at Oxbold, with measures and high-quality equipment provided for various outdoor sports adventures.

Meet Oxbold's team of experienced and passionate instructors, whose guidance and support make your outdoor sports adventure experiences unforgettable. Don't just take our word for it, read testimonials and reviews from Oxbold's satisfied customers to gain insights into the exceptional quality of services and programs offered by Oxbold.

Embark on your own outdoor sports journey with Oxbold today and experience the adrenaline rush and beauty of nature.
How is OXBOLD different from other booking out there?
We run and operate extreme sports before running this booking website. We are almost experienced and involved in all types of sports listed on our website. We work very closely with pilots and instructors like a family and partners to us. Sometimes we brainstorm and meet up to discuss how to improve our services and the safety of the operations.

We are able to answer all your questions from a different perspectives like safety, how to get started, how to get my certification, am I fit to do this sport and more. That makes us different from all operators and booking websites out there.

OXBOLD are not the type of company that sits in the office and answers your inquiry. We are sometimes out in the field to meet the customer and experience the sports together with our customers and partners in sports. So, we can learn from the customer's point of view and understand more about every inquiry to improve our services.
Why Choose Oxbold
 Oxbold has solid support and the trust of various associations, clubs, and professional pilots, guides,
     instructors with many years of expertise and operational knowledge to share with customers.
 Our instructor and guide have a vast list of accomplishments, including cross-country competitions and
 Oxbold has served a diverse range of customers both locally and globally, as well as individuals and
     corporations since 2009.

Professional Instructors

Champion Trainers

Serving since 2009

Why book with Oxbold
 We provide a refund policy in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
 Offering the most wide variety of extreme sports packages under one roof.
 WhatsApp is accessible for customer care support and inquiries.

Money-back guarantee

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What We Do
Daily sports operation and ensure customer experience satisfaction
Conduct sport education, training and certification
Explore new and exciting new sports to our business

Aerial Sports : One Day Pilot, Paragliding, Paramotor, Skydiving, Pilot Courses
Land Sports : Rock Climbing
Water Sports : Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Kitesurfing, White Water Rafting, Flyboard, Surfing
Driving Sports : Car Drifting, Motocross Coaching
OXBOLD Mission
To make Extreme Sports Available, Affordable at Anytime, Anywhere in Malaysia
OXBOLD Website
This website was written, constructed, coded, designed, developed and photographed, directed, edited, and digitally mastered by us and our guides, instructors from OXBOLD, no outside help was procured.

We are still in the progress of developing, design and constantly updating the website. This website is designed for all people out there who love outdoor and extreme sports. It's for you!!! We need your full support and feedback to make it a better place to live and play.

Our slogan: (1). Life is Awesome! Play IT, Enjoy IT. and (2). If you can DREAM IT. You can DO IT!

We put the same degree of passion and concentration into our site as we do design, develop, and perfect our extreme sports packages and courses. We feel like this site says a lot about what we do, but our services speak for themselves. Join our sports activities, and then try out some of the courses yourself.

A good website doesn't make a good sports package, however, a good website can sure make a good sports package look even better.
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