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Swimming Lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya

Booking Suspended
   60 minutes per session
   Four (4) lessons
   Ex. lesson meeting point
   1-On-1 OR Group class (2 to 8)
   Rate excludes transportation
   Rate excludes insurance
60 min / 4 lessons /
1-On-1 or group
  Available Lessons:
1 Breaststroke
2 Front Crawl (Freestyle)
3 Back Crawl (Backstroke)
4 Butterfly
5 Life Saving
 4 lessons per package
 One to One, 1 to 2 and 1 to 3 Coaching
 60 min duration per lesson

 Transfer and insurance
 Swimming goggles and costumes
Adult Lesson Schedule:
Available from Monday to Sunday
Lesson Schedule: Between 9am to 8pm
Swimming Lesson Packages
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    Available everyday between 9am - 8pm

   Advanced booking required, min. 3 days above
   Minimum age 1 month old to max 60 years
   Class: Min 1 person and Max 10 student upon booking
   All lesson are book by email appointment only!

Pre-book minimum 7 days advanced Minimum 4 days lessons Minimum 1 person upon booking We teach from toddler onward
Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 8
Mental 8
Toughness 5
Skills 10
Fun 10
Popularity 10

Our Swimming Pool Location:
[ Google Map for All Pools ]

1.   The Club Bukit Utama, PJ
2.   Sri KDU International School, Kota Damansara
3.   Sri Damansara Club, KL
4.   Valencia Township, Sg Buloh (Resident only)
5.   Holiday Place, KL
6.   Saujana Golf & Country Club, Subang
7.   Bukit Mewah Club, Kajang
8.   Danau Golf Club, UKM Bangi
9.   Amigo Clubhouse, 16 Sierra Puchong South
10. Setia Eco Templer, Rawang     
11. Rafflesia International School, Kajang (Weekend only)
12. Qliq Hotel, Damansara (ZEN Swim program for Adult only)


Learn to Swim Lesson

Our concept of the Swimming lessons was a dream to create a whole new industry in swimming coaching. With a proven syllabus to teach swimmers from basic to advance levels at all ages.

Each and every one of our instructors is trained to be effective at teaching and monitoring the progress of their students.

You can keep track of your progress after every lesson as your teacher goes through what you learnt and did well that day, as well as what you need to work on. Our regular feedback sessions and progress checks enable you to critically assess your achievements so far, whilst providing the necessary motivation for what you will achieve in the lessons to come.

Our wide range of class options ensure whatever your age, goal, preferences, budget and schedule, we have the right class for you.
How do I Get Started?
If you want to know more about our Swimming Programme, please send us a Booking Form stated the below:

Who want to learn swimming? Your experiences/skills?
[Example: I am a girl, age 12. No experience in swimming]

How many times per week/month you want the swimming class to be held?
[Example: Once a week, Twice a week/month, Every 2 days]

When and what time you prefer the swimming class to be started?
[Example: I prefer to start on 16 May, 9AM...]

Where do you located? So we can choose the closer pool for you.
[Example: I stayed in Section 2 in Petaling Jaya near to....]

If you have any special request, please inform us as well?
[Example: I just want to correct my Butterfly Stroke....]

After received your booking form, we will send your request to our swim coach to reply your request.
Why Use Our Swimming Services:
Instructors are hand picked from the industry’s finest forming a dedicated team of passionate professionals. All our coaches are certified national swimmer.
We have develop unique programs for beginners to advence level swimmers. Student's progress is closely monitored and written records are kept for future review.
All our instructors are certified life guards. Internal safety training programs including CPR and First Aids is conducted regularly to ensure a high safety standard is maintained.

We have variety swim lesson to suit your need:

• Learn to swim for kids (beginner-intermediate-advanced, age 0 onwards,
  below 4 years old subject to assessment)

• Adult swim classes (beginner-intermediate-advanced, our oldest student to
  date = 74yrs old)

• 1on1, 2on1, group classes

• School swim programs (P.E., CCA, school swim team)

• Pre-competitive training

• Competitive training

• Stroke technique correction

• Adult fitness swim with coaching

• Life-saving courses (Bronze Medallion, ILS)

• TOTAL IMMERSION courses - teaching you how to "SWIM LIKE A FISH" for
  effortless and efficient swimming by licensed and certified trainer. Best for
  athletes in Ironman, triathlon and more

Student-Centric Teaching Approach
At Advanced Aquatics we make sure lessons are interesting, effective, fun and memorable, we work with you to set your own goals and use only positive reinforcement as a way of o learning.

We understand that not every student is the same, some may be pursuing a serious effort to become the fastest whilst others may enjoy the recreational and social aspects of the sport.

Our Unique Swimming Facilities & Services
10 over private pool conveniently located around Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
Private Swimming Class ration 1 to 1, 1 to 2 and 1 to 3.
English, Bahasa and Chinese speaking coaches.

Which Class is for Me?

We cater to all ages, from toddlers to adults and have a series of different Class Option sizes from which to select.

If you are taking any of the group classes you may also be assured that we will help you find, or alternatively start up the right group for you so that you can learn alongside students with a similar standard, age and goal-set so everyone will progress at similar pace.
Our Swimming Programs:
Beginner's Basics
Throughout the POWERSWIM syllabus our highly experienced instructors utilize an experiential learning approach that not only teaches you the correct techniques, but helps you understand why they work through the instinctive processes of trial and error. Employed throughout every step of the way from push offs, learning how to move through the water, to streamlining your strokes; our logical and systematic teaching methods will have you swimming in no time. We will teach you that the key to swimming well lies in a number of simple physical and breathing techniques which anyone can master.

Muslimah Swim Programme
Muslimah Swim Programme caters for beginners and intermediate swimmers. Our Muslimah Swim Programme caters specifically to the needs and sensitivities of Muslim women.

No males are allowed in the teaching area, whilst all our classes are taken by female Muslimah instructors only.

With our logical and systematic teaching methods, our Muslimah students can expect to have conquered at least one basic swim stroke in just five classes.

Ladies Swim Programme
Muslimah Swim Programme, it follows the basic structure of our Beginner’s Basics classes and utilizes POWERSWIM method to help students master all four basic swim strokes using an experiential learning approach.

With our logical and systematic teaching methods, our female students can expect to have conquered at least one basic swim stroke in just five classes.

Competitive Swim Programme
Our stellar cast of swim coaches are all graduates and former national or state champion swimmers who have decided to dedicate their time to coaching due to their passion for the sport.

With an emphasis on using a scientific approach to training, our coaches closely monitor and constantly correct our swimmer’s stroke techniques whilst maintaining a training intensity that will bring the best out of them. We make sure the training is interesting, challenging and fun, so our swimmers keep coming back, even when it gets tough.

Stroke Correction Programme
Stroke Correction Programme is suitable for both the lay person and the competitive swimmer. Whether swimming is a leisure hobby or a sport, if you find you get tired quickly and are not able to move far with each stroke, stroke correction class can really help you improve your swimming.

Alternatively, if you are a competitive swimmer looking to leverage off the expertise of our highly qualified coaches and really sharpen your game, stroke correction classes offer a fast track to swimming faster and stronger.

           Package Description

Professional swimming instructor with life guard qualification
Individual student’s progress, a comprehensive recording system
First Aid Kit

2 ways transportation and insurance coverage

From Toddler to 60 years old (with good health)

Safety briefing will be conducted above pool and further instruction is conducted in the pool. All instructions from instructor must be obey by students while in the swimming pool. Student who do not cooperate will be ask to out from the swimming pool.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Swimming goggles, swim suit or trunk
3. Towel or Sarong
4. Sun Screen Lotion and Basic Toiletries

           Gift Voucher
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