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   Operate for group & events only
   Minimun 35 people upon booking
   Duration: 3 hours
   Minimum height:
1.5 m Or 5 ft
   Weather Permitted
   Excludes transportation
   Excludes meals
Group of 35
people above
   Optional (excludes in the package)
   Sum assured of RM50,000
   Cover per person for full activity day
   Maximum age is 60 years old
   View Domestic Insurance Benefits
per person
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     Available on weekend only | 9am - 6pm

  Advanced booking required, minimum 7 days advanced
Based on weather condition
   Minimum height: 1.5 m or 5 ft
   Max. weight: 80 kg per person
   Maximum: 2 person in one zorb ball (Total 160kg)
   Maximum 2 adults/kids in 1 zorb ball
   All rides with harness
   Please bring extra clothes for changing (for wet ride only)
 Pre-book minimum 7 days advanced half day activities Minimum 35 people upon booking Maximum weight 80kg Minimum height 5ft above
Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 4
Mental 3
Toughness 3
Skills 1
Fun 8
Popularity 6

SelangorIntroduction of SphereCraze (Zorbing)

A few years ago a TV advertisement aired in New Zealand showing people inside a large clear balls floating on water. It inspired Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis to build their own giant plastic balls. It looked like lots of fun but their balls was made of only one layer of plastic causing problems. Everytime someone entered or exited the balls, it would deflate and needed to be re-inflated and sealed.

The idea for a double skin balls was born.

A prototype was built in the garage of Andrew's house and they tested it in the water but soon realized it was far more intense on land where they could roll down hills! Some seed capital, patents, trademarks and a business plan equaled the latest adventure sport in New zealand! It then called 'Zorbing' or 'Zorb Ball'. We, OXBOLD named it 'SphereCraze' for Malaysia.

SphereCraze Zorb Ride is not that serious. The experience is bizarre, funny and exhilarating. The most common reaction inside the Sphering is screams of laughter - people exit from the SphereCraze Zorb with massive smiles on their faces and tears of joy in their eyes.

There are many affiliates in Europe, Asia, Australia and of course New Zealand, but nothing going on in the Malaysia yet so this is our call out to those who keen to ride SphereCraze. Here's an IDEA - be the first Malaysian to ride. We started SphereCraze in 30 June 2007 and operate in Lake Garden as a foundation and get started and expand to other venue and resorts. We still finding for the ultimate location with weather allowing us to rides both wet and dry all year round. We can't wait!

An SphereCraze Zorb ball is a BIG, fat, 3 ½ metre huge inflatable balls, round and bouncy, you jump inside it, it rolls and so do you. Excited - you should be, as the ride begins at the top of park hill, then launch down the hill.

There are two different ways to ride in a SphereCraze, one involves getting wet and one doesn’t, simple!! Water in the SphereCraze is to make the surface slippery so you slide and rotate with the SphereCraze. The Wet experience is designed as a more extreme ride as you are rotating and water splashing around you at the same time.

Dry SphereCraze Zorb Ride
2 riders is strapped into a comfortable padded Dry for the ride into down speed hill track. A “dry” ride means no water however you will be rotating with the Sphering.

Wet SphereCraze Zorb Ride
This is the most challenging and adrenalin packed ride where 2 riders is strapped inside the Sphering and water is added in with you. A wild ride with water rushing past you as you rotate through the water flying down a hill. (Definitely for thrill seekers and not for the faint hearted).
Please bring spare clothes to change!

           Package Description

Service of SphereCraze Staff
First Aid Kit

Location (client provide venue for Zorb ball ride)
Transportation and Insurance

Group Size
Minimum:    35 People
Maximum: 140 People

Height and Weight
Minimum height 1.5 m or 5 ft
Maximum weight per person is 80kg.

Based on customer event venue

Safety Check - Before Enter to the Ride
Safety briefing will be conducted on the activity area before the participants enter the SphereCraze ball. Participant must follow all safety instructions. For safety reasons, no spectacles, sharp objects, footwear, loose items like coins, wallet, handphones etc are allowed in the SphereCraze Ball.

Medical Info
Requirements of participating in SphereCraze sport/activity are the same as roller coaster requirements. Participants who are pregnant or with spine injury, health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure etc are not allowed to participate unless there’s written approval by doctor.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Two sets of clothing - One 'Wet' set for the wet ride - long or short sleeved T-shirt;
    long pant; short pant and anything comfortable. Another 'Dry' set for change.
3. Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses
4. Towel to clean
5. Cap, Sun glasses, Sun Screen Lotion and Basic Toiletries

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