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SUP Fitness – How many calories does paddle boarding burn?

Is Paddle Boarding a good workout?

People with all body shapes, sizes and ages are engaging in paddle boarding as a fun fitness activity for a full body workout. SUPing can be a low impact or high impact exercise depending on your intensity using a combination of balance, strength, core and endurance. With so many ways to paddle board from racing, surfing, yoga, touring, and recreational we wanted to get some answers into how many calories are burned and you may be surprised at what we found….

sup calorie burn infographic

SUP Calorie Burn Infographic

Sourced from islesurfboardsblog

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6 Water Sports That Get You Total Body Toned

When it comes to the tropics, the beach gets all the glory. But it turns out the hottest bodies are in the water.

Stand Up Paddling

Research from Baylor University Medical Center shows that people who take to the water enjoy their workouts more than those who stick to dry land. By providing low-impact resistance, water keeps you from quickly fatiguing, so you can work out longer for bigger burns and fitness gains, according to Stockholm University College of Physical Education and Sports. What’s more, as getting fit on top of the water (like, say, on a board) requires crazy balance, it’s impossible to find a water sport that won’t get your butt and core into bikini-sporting shape, says Sylwia Wiesenberg, founder of Tonique Fitness workout method.

Not sure where to start this summer? Here are five water sports to try—and the land-friendly training moves to help get your body ready for them.

Paddle boarding is a true total-body workout: It requires you to engage your legs, butt, and core for balance and stability, while you work your arms, back, and core to power yourself through the water. And the all-over muscle toning isn’t the only perk. “The biggest benefit of paddle boarding is that it trains your balance and focus,” says Weisenberg. “There is very little room for error if you don’t want to keep falling into the water.” Pro tip: Start with a long, wide board that provides stability, and gradually switch onto shorter, narrower boards for a bigger challenge, she advises.

How to Train: Balance is the key to paddle boarding, and it’s also the key to training for the sport. Single-leg lunges and single-leg squats are great ways to strengthen your lower body while honing your balance, she says.

If you’ve ever sweated it out on your gym’s rowing machine, you know a good stroke is the key to rocking a strapless dress all summer long. And while you wouldn’t necessarily think that a seated workout would tone your lower body, a better butt and thighs are among the biggest benefits of kayaking, says Wiesenberg. By squeezing your glutes for turning, balancing, and as a source of power, you tone your lower body in constant isometric exercises. For the best workout while paddling, keep your back straight and rotate your torso with each stroke, says Weisenberg.

How to Train: The row machine is the perfect full-body workout to prepare for faster and stronger strides in the water, says Weisenberg. If you’re more concerned about butt cramps than speed, isometric exercises like a plank or a wall sit can strengthen your glutes and minor stabilizing muscles in your legs and butt.

Surfer babes are hot—and for good reason: Riding waves builds a strong core and legs, while swimming the board back out to water is a nonstop cardio workout, says Wiesenberg. Most importantly, hanging 10 requires intense bursts of efforts, says Johnson. It’s like high-intensity interval training class—just with a better view.

How to Train: Make sure to log plenty of cardio workouts to up your endurance and workouts that mimic the pop-up move of surfing. Think planks, pushups, burpees, and jumps.

Scuba diving

A low-impact workout, diving tones your entire body through constant resistance provided by the water and can burn more than 500 calories during a single dive, says Brad Johnson, Ph.D., a fitness and wellness expert and author of Scared Skinny No More. Even better, research from the National Institutes of Health and University Hospital, Uppsala in Sweden has shown scuba’s deep-breathing technique can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and even boost lung function.

How to Train: Practice makes perfect. So get in the pool and get swimming, he says. You’ll strengthen your entire body, and if you take a snorkel and mask with you, you’ll get more comfortable being under water for extended periods of time and breathing exclusively through your mouth.


This adrenaline-packed workout tones your whole body in record time, burning up to 600 calories an hour, says Johnson. While you engage your lower body to balance on the board, you also work your chest, arms, shoulders, back, and core to keep yourself upright and guide the kite as you power through the waves, he says.

How to Train: The stronger your core is, the easier learning to windsurf and kitesurf will be. Mastering stabilizing moves such as jibing, planing, the plank and stability ball pike can help you keep your balance on the board amid jerking movements and crashing waves, he says.

Sourced from Women’s Health

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Stand Up Paddling Fun Race Penang 2012

Sample Video of Stand Up Paddling Race.

OXBOLD cordially invite and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) lovers to join and register the fun race. We also welcome and calling all GoPro Camera and Digital Camera users to join our upcoming SUP Fun Race in Penang to shoot all the great action and fun shot in SUP Race.

This event also conjuction with 6th Penang International Skimboarding Competition.

Event Date : 15th & 16th September, 2012. (Sat & Sun) Venue : Tanjong Tokong (behind Naza Talyya Hotel, Penang).Sponsored by Quiksilver, Redbull, OXBOLD, and many more…

Entry Fee RM20 per person. Submit and pay to OXBOLD via email or organizer:

Official registration date will be on :
Date : Friday 14 September 2012
Time : Between 7PM to 10PM
Venue : Seawind Motel & Bistro (Next to Naza Talyya Hotel)

Participant can register earlier via OXBOLD and Stand Up Paddling Fanpage and pay to OXBOLD bank account.


You may download the SUP Entry Form from this link:
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SUP Fun Race Penang Malaysia

SUP Fun Race Penang Malaysia

Lancelin Ocean Classic 2011 – Severne Sails Domination

Lancelin Ocean Classic 2011 – Severne Sails Domination

The event’s legendary status continues.  A new swell arrived on cue for the wave competition and a solid 25knot sea breeze cranked in for the marathon.  The Severne team were ready to rock.

The start of the 2011 Ledge to Lancelin Marathon


The Women:

On Friday, the swell was solid, but with only a light breeze blowing, the lighter category of women hit the water.  The conditions were light and tricky with the girls dodging mast high bombs and pumping only some open faces and sizey closeouts, to lay down some turns.  Utilising her contest experience, Karin caught the best waves, flowing through some full face gouges and sealing the victory.

Karin Jaggi in the leading position

Aptly named 23yr old Kirra Young from Geraldton stepped up and took second place.

  1. Karin Jaggi (Severne S-1 5.0)
  2. Kirra Young (Severne S-1 5.0)
  3. Karin Jaggi with the trophy for the victory at the beach of Lancelin

The Men:

The men’s competition was run directly after the race, not ideal for the guys that had completed the gruelling marathon.  Last year’s winner, Ben Severne was keen to keep his title but with Peter Volwater, Jaeger Stone, Scott McKercher, Luke Walmsley, Glen Alexander and Ty Bodycoat all hungry, the winner was not to be pre determined.

Conditions were cranking with 20-25knots and head to logo high sets.  Due to the short time and the 16 strong fleet, the early stages were run as expression sessions with the only the most impressive riders advancing.  Huge hacks displacing large sections of every wave and massive jumps made for an impressive spectacle.  Advancing through 3 x 20 minute expression session/endurance heats were Jaeger Stone, Luke Walmsley, Ben Severne and surprisingly; Simon Hurrey.

Ben Severne with a nice backloop at Lancelin, who made it in third position

Jaeger and Ben faced off against each other with the rookie boosting some massive tweaked pushies and the veteran narrowly missing out on a goiter on the shallow end section of the wave.  Jaeger advanced to the final.

Lancelin winner Jaeger Stone from Geraldton, Western Australia with a tweaked Pushloop

On the other side of the draw, local ripper Luke put together 3 solid waves and jumps to defeat Simon who was busy busting out backside 3s into the foam and boosting backies.

Luke Walmsley on form with an cool Aerial, who finished the Lancelin wave event in 2nd

This left Jeager and Luke to fight it out for the prize money.  From the outset, Jaeger dominated with huge, over the horizon stalled forwards, tweaked pushies and some impressive hacks and tail drifts.

In the loser’s final, Ben edged out his product manager to take the victory (allowing Simon to keep his job)

1          Jaeger Stone (Severne S-1 4.7)

2         Luke Walmsley (Severne S-1 4.7)

3         Ben Severne (Severne S-1 4.7 & 5.0)

4         Simon Hurrey (Severne S-1 4.7 & 5.0)

So what happened to Scott, Glen and Peter?  Scott looked underpowered and despite burying the rail in his usual fashion, failed to get any jump scores.  Peter’s bad luck continued as he failed to impress, despite catching some good waves and doing a couple of big jumps.  And Glen, the danger man from Greenhead seemed to be underpowered and failed to clock up any big scores.  I’m sure they will be back next year to exact revenge….

The Marathon

Shiny new race gear was rolled out, stickers were applied, tuning tips were offered and that was just at the Severne demo tent.

The racers rigged and tuned setting up multiple rigs (some with professional caddy assistance), arming themselves with the weapons to take on the 25 knots, the seaweed, the larger than usual swell and of course the other international, national and local sailors.  Whatever class or reason for competing, there was a buzz of activity surrounding the beach.

Moments before the start, Peter Volwater broke his mast and was advised that there was more time to re rig than there really was.  He unfortunately missed the start which is critical.

As soon as the horn sounded, it was clear the long legs of Dan Engdahl allowed him to lift his board clear of the seaweed and get going first.  At the end of the first leg, Bjoern and Jesper Orth were chasing Dan down.

On the second leg Bjoern pulled away leaving everyone in his wake.  He completed the longer than usual course in 33:11, 44 seconds clear of the speed specialist Chris Lockwood in 2nd, Jesper in 3rd and Dan in 4th.

Björn Dunkerbeck with speed on the new Reflex II

Karin Jaggi romped home in 11th place, an incredible performance considering the field.

Björn wins

1st Elite men’s division – Bjoern Dunkerbeck (Severne REFLEX II 7.8)

1st Elite women’s division – Karin Jaggi (Severne REFLEX II 7.0)

1st Open men’s division – Marcus Brockhurst (Severne SSR)

Pictures courtesy of John Carter & article from Team Severne

Oxbold Exhibition – SwimFes 2010 – updated

Some pictures of the event:

SwimFes 2010

SwimFes Dec2010

4WD Land Rover with Starboard beach flag

Zebra LandRover with Starboard Flag

GoPro Camera

GoPro Counter

GoPro Accessories

GoPro Accessories

Water Rafting & Windsurfing

Water Rafting & Windsurfing

Windsurfing – Starboard Formula & Neilpryde Supernova sail

Windsurfing Rafting GoPro

Prize Giving Ceremony

Future Swimming Talent

Congratulations to all winners & thanks to the visitors who supported us!



Oxbold will be doing exhibition at SwimFes 2010, at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort, on 12 Dec 2010, 7:30am – 2:00pm.

We will be showcasing windsurfing, stand up paddling, water rafting, 4WD Land Rover, Cessna figure for One Day Pilot, as well as GoPro Camera – the best selling action sports waterproof camera.

Come join us!

Windsurfing Gear from sale

North to Push pin converter

North to Push Pin converter
North to Push Pin converter2

Starboard Leash 7′ 9′ 11′

Starboard Leash 7' 9' 11'

Used MANTA Colt Bodyboard

Colt Bodyboard

Northsail Divisible MDL 99 Boom tail (for 185-235cm)

Northsail Divisible MDL 99 Boom tail (for 185-235cm)

Neilpryde Matrix Constant Curve 550cm (with Mast Bag)

Neilpryde Matrix Constant Curve 550cm (with Mast Bag)

Neilpryde Matrix 2000 Freeridepro 520cm (with Mast Bag)

Neilpryde Matrix 2000 Freeridepro 520cm (with Mast Bag)

Mistral 2000 One Design Mast 495cm 50% Carbon

Mistral 2000 One Design Mast 495cm 50% Carbon

Severnesail Redline 100 percent Carbon Mast 550cm

Severnesail Redline 100 percent Carbon Mast 550cm2

starboard lycra shortsleeve


starboard lycra titanium

starboard lycra titanium

starboard impact vest

starboard impact vest

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Bjoern Dunkerbeck wins the 2010 Speed Classic

The event took place in the French town of Port St. Louis from Nov 16th to the 21st. The five day event had the most challenging conditions any speed event could possibly experience, ranging from 40 to 50 kts offshore winds during the first round and 20 to 30 knts onshore with 1-2 meter waves for the second round. Air temperatures were at only 5-10 degrees!

bjoern dunkerbeck win 2010 speed classic

Bjoern was ecstatic with his choice of gear, ranging from REFLEX 5.6 & 6.2 (54 Atom Speed Board/Starboard) during race one and REFLEX 7.0 & 7.8 (Isonic 90) for race two .

He had this to say:

“Pretty hardcore & cold –but also lots of fun” (B.D.)

Massive congratulations for a great result in difficult conditions from the Severne Team.